Joe Paterno out at Penn State

Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by Shanvhere, Nov 9, 2011.

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    Right, BUT he could have stopped this all from happening, he was just too loyal to his people.
  2. jplusip

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    I'm a bit confused on all this.

    So a graduate assistant coach tells JoePa that he saw Sandusky doing some disgusting things in a shower. In response, JoePa tells his superiors about something he heard second hand (not something the man himself witnessed) about someone who hadn't been a coach there for two years. As a result, the superiors did nothing and even went so far as to lie on the stand, and now everyone is mad at JoePa because he didn't call the police with some second hand information from a graduate assistant coach who also didn't bother to call the police at the time?

    So basically, JoePa is in trouble because he's an iconic figure who didn't call the police over second hand information that he himself did not see. Meanwhile, no one seems to care that Mike McQueary never called the police over what he saw first hand? Gotcha.
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  3. nickmsmith

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    Does this surprise you? Everybody knows his assistant was the one who committed the deeds. Nobody's painting Pa as a molester, but someone who allows a molester to do what he does, he was an enabler.

    Nobody is saying the actual rapist is innocent, he's going to be in jail for a loong time, and he may be the most hated man in the US today.

    But Joe Pa is a story, and he deserves to have his name implicated, and he himself says he wishes he would have done more, in hindsight. Anyone who had knowledge in this (Joe Pa did) is not innocent. Of course ESPN is going to latch onto it, he's the winningest coach in NCAA history. Please, don't act like he's getting an undeserved bad rap.

    Even JoePa understands why he's getting some of the heat.

    When somebody robs a bank, the getaway driver, and anyone who knowingly harbors the robbers is going to jail as well.

    Joe Pa got off easy.

    In a just world, everyone who was informed of this and didn't report it did a crime to humanity, and deserves to be prosecuted. He's lucky he gets to spend the few years he has left at home, instead of in court or in jail.

    Real Talk.

    Sandusky would do well to never show his face in public again. He is in serious danger of bodily harm. Joe Pa is just a shame. It's a shame that a good coach went out that way... but he made his bed. He chose loyalty to his buddies and school over what is right. And he's getting his comeuppance.
  4. RavensShallBurn

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    Everyone involved has been dismissed and Sandusky will spend life in prison.

    They're focusing on Joe because he's a household name and has the most college wins of all time. Everyone always viewed him as a morally upright guy, but that's clearly inaccurate after he did absolutely nothing to help prevent Sandusky from running his camp. Who gives a damn if they were friends.

    Paterno said himself when he announced his retirement (before they fired him) "I wish I had done more." He knows he could've prevented several kids from being sexually abused. He's not responsible for the crimes, but he allowed them to continue whether you realize that or not.

    If Paterno didn't believe the allegations and didn't want to go to police, he could've at least reported it and they could've investigated Sandusky.
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  5. nickmsmith

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  6. jdog

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    It takes a foolish person to think you can listen to the media and have all the facts.
    I'll bet there are many details that have not been or never will be revealed.

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  8. Deuce Wayne

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    Joe Pa saying he "wishes he would have done more" doesn't make him the criminal you guys portray him as. Of course he wishes he would have done more now that everything is known (or most, at least).

    So yeah, basically he's in trouble for being Joe Paterno.

    Well, that's fair.
  9. nickmsmith

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    No, He's getting media coverage because he's Joe Paterno. He and the School President are in trouble because they intentionally aided a pedophile and his quest for fresh kids to have his way with. Indefensible.

    McQueary guy should be in deep water as well. Everyone involved in the cover up should be.
    Joe Pa is the figurehead, and they get the credit when things go well,and they bear the brunt when things go sour. Things went very sour, and Paterno admits he should have done more to stop this. He was admittedly in error. He did not commit a crime, by the letter of the law, but he sure didn't "Exorcise the demons" either. He could have fired the guy a long time ago, and not allow him to hang around the facilities.

    But anyways, they covered their butts by telling Sandusky "Not to shower with the boys anymore."

    this is the biggest scandal in College football history. SMU, OSU, USC and Auburn put together have nothing on this. Paying for players is petty compared to this. This is serious. You can't go to the NFL to avoid this.
  10. Titaneers

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    first off, deuce is not a troll... sometimes he may seem like it because his opinions are quite different and controversy and a bit extreme at times.. but he's not (as far as i know) one of those people that have no lives other than sit and hide behind a computer while they purposely piss people off.

    anyways, we need to remember who committed the crime and that would be Sandusky... but the media and even this topic thread is all about Joe Pa... even idiots on facebook thinks that Joe was the one who raped the kids... this isn't about Joe, this is about Sandusky... heck i don't even think we've heard anything about the time he's probably going to get for this crime.... and what about the kids and families that were traumatized in all this.. i haven't heard but maybe a paragraph about them... no, the media is all on Joe even though he didn't commit the actual crime

    now is he off the hook? like many, i dont think he is because he failed to do the right thing... but he's human, and humans make mistakes... not like any of us are perfect in everything we do...

    there are children being abused everyday in this country... but instead the media is focused currently on a person who didn't even touch a kid... this man made penn state into what it is and donated millions to the school... and what did they do? fired him over the phone... low blow
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