Jets fans, first time in Nashville

Discussion in 'Nashville' started by jetsknicks1, Nov 28, 2018.

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    I always recommend Martin's BBQ on 4th beer garden upstairs...besides the pulled pork which is awesome try some of the memphis dry rubbed chicken wings with a side of the Alabama white sauce and the devil's nectar sauce......if you are out near Opryland then you should check out the hotel for sure....agree with parking at OpryMills and walking over....if you want some bluegrass music then The Station Inn in the gulch area is pretty iconic. Favorite Italian place is Rolf and Daughters in the Germantown area or Urban Grub in the 12th south area.....looks like it will be a great day to tailgate on Sunday should wander the parking lots...most Titans fans will be happy to share a beer/food for some friendly banter.
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    Do not count on the Jets losing to the Titans. The Titans this year have done an amazing job losing every game they were supposed to win. Except maybe that Dallas game, idk, we were supposed to win that one?

    Anyway, other than maybe the Dallas game, we only win when we are supposed to lose.
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    Avocado has always been a thing
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  4. ICBW

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    im a New Yorker as well (Queens), you will love the slower change of pace in TN.
  5. World Peace

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  6. RTH

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    So has hot chicken... but it became overly popularized.
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