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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by JCBRAVE, May 22, 2013.

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    We gave Griffin a long-term deal last season. SOMEONE in the organization must think he's good at something.
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    1. What position does MG play?

    2. When was the last time he played that position?

    3. What were the results of him that season?


    1. Free Safety

    2. 2 years ago

    3. Pro Bowl

    The knock on Griffin right now is that he is a puss and he misses tackles (the worst in the league last year if I remember correctly)

    Odd how playing out of position makes you not as good as you are in your natural position. (Jones, Amano, and Im sure there are more but I dont feel like looking it up)

    This year, Griffin will rebound because he will be playing his natural position for the first time, all season long, in two years.

    If, at the end of this season, he still misses tackles nonstop, and has the production he had this past season, he wont be here if we can find someone better.
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    He switched back to FS last year and still sucked. Griffin is a great front-runner. When the rest of the defense plays great he does too. When the rest of the defense sucks he's awful. It's inexplicable.
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  4. Deuce Wayne

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    Don't make excuses for Griffin. And if you do, at least make good ones.

    Playing "out of position" wasn't what hurt him. He sucked playing in his original position the 2 years prior.
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    Not sure how a position change makes you tackle like a wet paper towel.
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    'la Vagician' played 1 game at SS and got like 15+ 'tackles'. Remember he tweeted a picture of his stats like 30 mins after the game. I'm thinking half those 'tackles' were 'la Vagician' riding the guy 10 yards downfield for a FD - a truly pathetic game but 'la Vagician' was quite proud of it. 'la Vagicians' stupidity is only surpassed by his super-sissyness
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    The "average" d line and secondary goes hand and hand. I remember so many times that the opposing qb would change the play on the line to a quick out to the Wr for an EASY 8 yards. We did it THAT much. This gives the D line ZERO time to get to the qb. The CBS didn't cover anything for the first 10 yards... They started back peddling IMMEDIATELY.... Lol the ball is out... The idea is to force the WR off his route and disrupt the timing. Forcing the qb to hold the ball so our guys can actually get there.

    I think gray as a coach just doesn't have the nuts to press, blitz or be aggressive. He just isn't. He thinks he can play zone D and "cover" better. That's HIS philosophy... WILLIAMS wanted the press corners. He is implementing his scheme, make no mistake about it.

    You think you won't see Mccourty in press this year? He's already extended. Dude can do it. It's just a matter of coaching it, implementing it and actually asking him to do it. You think the third and 5th round CBS will be our starting CBS this year? Lol

    Campbell was talked up last off season as the most technical guy in our secondary.... What happened? That was straight from Gray. I imagine he can play better than what he is given credit for. His problem and what I think keeps him in the dog house, is that he does get a lot of fouls.
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    During the first half of the season, we did not blitz, one of the worst in the league. During the 2nd half, we were in the top 5 (I believe) in blitzes. I am going from memory here but I do remember us being one of the most active blitzing teams during the 2nd half of the season. I will try to find the article tomorrow.

    I know Gray had some screw ups last season, but I feel he did not have much to work with. NO safeties at all, a well below average pass rush, but we did have 2 good LB's!!! I do not think any coach in the world could have done much with what we had last season. I am not trying to take all the blame off of Gray, so dont get me wrong. I just saw a very average team on the field last year.

    We will see what happens this season, I think all aspects of the defense will be better. Better pressure up front, which in turn will lead to a better secondary. Itll come from having the guys Gray wants rather than Gray all of a sudden him figuring out how to coach.
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    Thats kind of why I put that in the original post. Theres no excuse for the way Griff missed tackles last year. He was a little *****, especially after he came out and said "how am I going ot tackle that RB" (im sure we all remember the story, I just dont remember the details)

    Either way, Im willing to bet that people will not be calling for Griffs head by the end of next season like they were the past 2
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    I'm pretty sure that was Michael Turner 2 years ago. He pretty much said dude is twice the size of him and there was no way to tackle him by himself. That's the attitude right? RIGHT?