Jerry Gray praises corners

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Titans Insider, Jun 7, 2013.

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    Defensive coordinator Jerry Gray has watched his players in six days of organized team activities so far, with four more scheduled for next week. A minicamp is scheduled for June 18-20.

    Without seeing them in pads, he can’t fully evaluate his players. Still, some of them have made a good impression so far in workouts.

    “Tommie Campbell has stood out, he’s done a really good job of covering,” Gray said of the third-year pro. “I think Alterraun Verner has done a great job and Jason (McCourty) has been as solid as he’s been.”

    Gray also singled out safety Michael Griffin and defensive tackle Zach Clayton.

    “Everybody is out there busting his tail,” Gray said. “But we are in shorts, so you can’t really do what you get paid to do.”

    Gray said rookie cornerback Blidi Wreh-Wilson, a third-round pick, is getting more comfortable but needs more reps.

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  2. Titans Eternal

    Titans Eternal Got the swagger of a cripple

    Tommie Campbell won't do sh#t, Jerry Gray.

  3. The Hammer

    The Hammer Problematic AF

    Then get him more reps
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  4. RockyTop Fox

    RockyTop Fox Offensive Coordinator

    We need to hope that Tommie Campbell starts to get going.. He's a 6 foot 3 DB with a lot of strength and pressing ability. He also might be the fastest guy on the defense. If Grey and Williams want to press more this year, Campbell will be an important piece to our D.
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  5. Ensconatus

    Ensconatus #ShoutboxAlley4Life

    Yup. Gotta have high hopes he improves into a starting corner for us considering the scheme. Otherwise it will be a rookie third rounder? Gotta think Campbell has a higher chance of success this season.
  6. Ensconatus

    Ensconatus #ShoutboxAlley4Life

    --------------------Griffin --------------------

    Campbell -----Gooden----- Ayers ----- McCarthy ----- Brown---------- Mccourty
    -------------------------------------Morgan ----- Hill ---- Riopati --------------

    Tend to think this is what the coaches would like to see in the nickel package. If there is a LB with the speed to cover it has to be either Gooden or Brown. I could also see Gooden subbed out for verner in certain packages or even Blidi dropped in as a spot nickel guy with size.

    If the WR on the left side needed more zone style coverage verner would be subbed in over Campbell most definitely.

    I could also see us go only ayers and brown as LBs in the middle and move verner to a middle Safety, subbing out Mccarthys injury prone ass.

    In tight sets and base two WR sets I could see us going 2 DTs or even moving Riopati inside and putting klug as a DE. I think the Te sets are where the team wants to use more Safeties. Gooden would come out, McCarthy would become a safety.

    It.... Will be interesting to see how many snaps Wimbley gets a game, as well as Mike Martin. I think in his spot duty last year, he proved he can play ball. And needs to get snaps as well. I'd be disappointed to see his role reduced because of other less proven players that are bigger. I could see a set of Martin, Hill and Riopati or klug being effective during Games with ayers and brown rushing the passer.
  7. Deuce Wayne

    Deuce Wayne Crap the booze out.


    He's the fastest guy on the team.
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  8. BCTitans

    BCTitans Rookie

    Lol that's a 3-4 dude, not a nickel package.
  9. Ensconatus

    Ensconatus #ShoutboxAlley4Life

    Lol.... Somebody paid attention. But that's still what I expect to see more of in those situations.

    There's different alterations in it as well but I think the three Down lineman is the biggest goal. I don't see why else we would go get the guys we did. Make players transition to other areas to better suit it like we are as well.

    And we still hardly have the ILBs to run it as a run stopping package so it would be more for air based attacks.
  10. BCTitans

    BCTitans Rookie

    ^^ to add to that. Golden is fast, but you can't possibly think that he's going to be able to stay with a slot WR. I think ideally they would love to have 4 CB's that they could bring in without much drop off.

    Now, I'm thinking the reason you have put 4 LB's in for this package is because of 2 TE sets by the offense. In that case I see them wanting to go more to a 3 safety look. Both GRey and Williams have talked about them using 3 safeties a lot this year.

    It would be HUGE for our defense if Campbell actually did come around this year. He really does have the prototypical body/attributes for an NFL CB. Hopefully his brain has caught up with the mental aspect of the NFL.
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