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Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by JCBRAVE, Apr 12, 2012.

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    Well of course if the top player available is the Strongest suit, than by all means yes, but paying attention to value of your pick always comes up. That's why everyone is against drafting a C in the first.

    The board is normally categorized anyways into multiple sections.

    Hardly ever is it so white and black that you can decipher instantly.

    There is nothing wrong with taking top of your board, but there is nothing wrong with getting value from a deeper position either. Also grading each prospect and looking at the difference of both grades comparable to players that will/won't be around later.
  2. Ensconatus

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    Think of it like this:

    If you have players with an actual grade you have assigned them,

    DT1- 87
    DT2- 85
    DT3- 85
    DT4- 83
    DT5- 81
    DT6- 80

    There is little reason to rush to grab the strongest prospect here unless he is a tier above the rest. If you can still get DT 4 with your next pick, who can blame you for waiting, and grabing a prospect of close value with your initial pick

    Safety1- 86
    S2- 79
    S3- 75?

    Of course if a top ten talent is on the board it's really a no brainer.

    It really depends on how it stacks up and how it plays out.
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    That makes more sense when you put it that way I was reading too far into your original post.

    I think the C thing is more against Konz than anything else. I think in other years he would be a early to mid second rounder if you have an Alex Mack or Nick Mangold type guy then I would have no problem taking him.
  4. Ensconatus

    Ensconatus #ShoutboxAlley4Life

    Yea, it's really a balancing act. There is really no one way to draft for certain. It's a very intriguing game tho.
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    See I don't believe its as easy as taking the BPA when you pick. It is really an optimization problem. You have to consider several things; who is the BPA, what is your biggest area of need, and what does the depth throughout the draft look like at the different postions. Each category carries a different weight of importance that would be determined by the team. For example, BPA might carry a weight of 0.5, postion of need might carry a weight of 0.3, and draft depth might carry a weight of 0.2 (just off the top of my head, different teams may decide each category carries weight differently)After you decide the weight for each category, each player gets scored for each category. Then you can set up a design matrix and optimize all of your picks. Each pick would be the optimum balance of BPA, postion of need, and who might be available later that can fill the same need.

    That is really the best way to do it. BPA might not always be the right choice for your team. If every year BPA is a DE, then there is no reason to keep taking DEs, however you shouldn't reach for players just because you need them either. This method prevents both from happening, and makes each pick have the most impact possible on your team. and that is what the draft is really about, building the best football team possible.
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