Jeff Fisher Up To His Old Tricks

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by The Hammer, Jun 2, 2013.

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    He had his positives and negatives, there's no doubt about it. You can't hate the guy though, he was the face of the Titans for many years. He took us the farthest we've ever gone & you can't hate him for that.
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    And it was Fisher who insisted the Titans draft Pacman. He went over Floyd's head to Bud. Reece's head Reece did not want Pac. Thought he was too much of a risk. It led to Reece being removed and Fisher being given final decision on roster moves.

    Was probably the worst thing to happen to Fisher. Fisher was a much better coach when Reece picked his players.

    BTW. Fisher never wanted McNair either. He wanted the team to pick Michael Westbrook instead.
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    We did have some cap issues but Reese was good overall and put us in a position to win and i would rather have four or five real good years and rebuild then have four or five average years and never win anything.I do think when Reese left it affected this team especially when Fisher was given complete control and installs his puppet Mike Reinfeldt in as GM so Reinfeldt could rubber stamp and approve whatever Fisher wanted.Thats basically when everything started slowly going downhill after Reese left in 2007.Reinfeldt screwed this team up by being way too conservative and bringing in players like Barrett Ruud,Jovan Haye,Shaun Smith,etc. and the list goes on.Same goes for the last few drafts SenDerrick Marks,Ryan Mouton,Gerald McRath,Javon Ringer,Jamie Harper,Rennie Curran,Robert Johnson,etc. Fisher was definitely helped all those years by Reese when it came to getting the players we got.I think Fisher was exposed the last few years here because he wasn't as smart as he had led everyone to believe he was.I'm surprised it took this long to get a GM back in here like Webster that will go out and get some good players to make the team more competitive.I think we all see the conservative approach that was used here by Reinfeldt the last half decade failed.I think Webster will be a much better GM than Reinfeldt and he has already proven that by going out and getting what this team needs to compete.
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    There was also an incident when Reece came in and fired a bunch of assistants (Who were friends with Fisher) and Fisher caused drama.
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