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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Northern Titan, Dec 6, 2006.

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  1. I noticed that the title displayed for Jeff Fisher during an NFL Network interview said Jeff Fisher: Head Coach and Executive Vice President... Clearly Jeff is the Head Coach, but I have no idea what his Executive Vice President role entails. Does anyone know? Does it mean he has more power than GM Floyd Reese? If you could let me know about these front office intricacies, that would be much appreciated.
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    Fisher has complete control over his Coaching staff... hire, fire, promote, ect and only answers to Bud Adams on those issues. Reese has control over contracts, admin ect. They both have control over the draft... that being said, Reese is considered final say. I wouldn't say Fisher was at the same level as Reese, but he has a'lot of pull and power over the team and final decisions on some level. Fisher has a'lot more power that your average NFL Head Coach.
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    Jeff was promoted to EVP a couple of years ago... I want to say when someone else left.
  4. Awesome. Thanks a lot guys!
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    He's been EVP for 7 years if my jet lagged mind can remember what I read on the plane on the way home.
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    Fisher, Reese, and MacLachlan all hold EVP titles and Underwood is Senior EVP. Among other things, this also means they have legal corporate responsibility.
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    Fisher is responsible for the team. Reese is responsible for player personnel, including the draft, and the staff. Fisher does not have any control over the draft and Reese does not have any control over admin. MacLachlan is responsible for admin. All three report directly to Underwood, not Adams.
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    Parcells told an interesting tidbit in his press conference. It seems the owners have made new rules regarding what you call a position with the team. What was happening, a team could interview a DC or OC even though he was under contract, by adding a title to that position to make it an upgrade over what he was already doing, such as OC and tacking on assistant head coach. Now the rules read you can only contact them for the position of head coach. It has to be a real upgrade over what they are doing now. I don't know if that also applies to the head coach or not, but by tacking that onto Fisher's job title, a team may have to offer him even more control to hire him away while he is under contract.
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