Jared Cook out?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by SlidePiece, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. Ensconatus

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    If you think griffin and britts doing anything for this team besides holding us back, you are missing the boat.
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    When Titanswillwin2 was just a boy, his mom actually left him on a dock. Don't talk to him about missed boats.
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  3. Keeferdog

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    I think it's smart of the Titans to not give this guy big money. He's nothing special and hopefully Thompson can improve enough that he can surpass Cook's output anyway. Shouldn't be too difficult. The guy mades some plays but he also left a lot out there. He's soft also. Put the money into our lines, please!
  4. titan_fan_4ever

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    Craig and Cook make an excellent combo at TE, together they are actually all you need at that position in terms of starters. It would be foolish to let Cook walk without giving our new young coordinator a chance to use him right. Also, Jake really needs all the help he can get and taller targets have proven to be better for him.

    TT is still in a development phase based on his play from last year. However, as you guys said, he has already proven to be a valuable blocker and also already seems to be a special teams ace. Depending on how good he gets could render Craig or Cook expendable. But, we need to see what he can become before we let one of our starters go. In the event Craig or Cook gets injured, I think he is capable of filling in as well.

    I also have A LOT of respect for Craig. I feel like the guy is actually very underrated as has truly matured into an all around TE and has made some really great catches in very limited opportunities. Coming out of college he was dubbed as a 'blocker' however, I have seen much more from him then just that.

    With these three guys on the roster, I really don't see TE as a need at all but rather a strength. I feel better play design/calling and better QB play will really show that as well.... Please lets try to keep this group together moving forward. Much like our LBs (if Mac ever finds health & stability) we could be really set here....
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  5. Thaddeus43

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    Vernon Davis?????
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  6. Soxcat

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    This is the kind of comment that makes no sense in any way shape or form.
    We should start with the argument that Thompson should be able to able to surpass Cooks output. Not sure what you have watched but Thompson is even more of a project than Cook was coming into the league and shown virtually nothing so far. Cook missed the last three games of the season and Thompson might as well not even been on the field. Now I hope Thompson eventually steps up but expecting it next season is a huge stretch.
    Secondly, Cook is something special. The guy has WR speed. Even when he isn't catching double digit passes in games he still forces the defense to respect his vertical game. I certainly don't see teams concerned about Stevens and Thompson sneaking behind them. Also, Cook had 93 catches over the last two years. Maybe not Pro-Bowl numbers but certainly not chicken feed either.
    As far as Cook's consistency or lack of it is that really his fault? We have had an offense the last couple of years that spreads the ball around. Some games Cook gets more targets than others. But one thing Cook has shown is he is capable of an occasional big play.
    To conclude everyone does know we don't have Aaron Rodgers or Brady at QB. That means we don't have 4000-5000 yards of passing to divide among our players recieving the ball. Heck, our QB play has been very inconsistent. Just as an example SF had total passing yards for the year comparable to the Titans. Vernon Davis had similar stats for the year as Cook. Does anyone think for a flipping second SF would enterntain ideas of letting Davis walk if he was in a contract year?

    So IMO maybe the best thing to do if Cook won't accept a reasonable extension is to franchise him. Keep him for at least one more season. That allows Thompson another year to develop. The franchise tag for TEs is ~ 6 mil. So for that amount it makes zero sense to lose Cook and now have another hole to fill while we have no idea if/when Thompson will be ready.
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    It's not about if a player is worth the money or not, it's a bout whether or not them leaving will hurt our team. You don't get anything for saving a buck in this league.

    Last year we all said goodbye to Cortland cause we wanted to save a buck, but we didn't save anything in the end, we paid for it in other ways. The team took a hit losing him, his value to this team proved to be priceless.

    It was a mistake allowing Cortland to go somewhere else for better money. Same will hold true for Jared if we don't re-sign him. We're better with him. He's not a bad apple, he's simply not happy being a 3rd/4th read. He's too good to be the 3rd or 4th look too.

    Jake will miss him if he's not here. A good TE is a young QB's best friend.
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    I'm with you, but there's only 2-3 TE's worth franchise tag money. I really hope Jared Cook doesn't think he's worth $5-6M/yr
  9. Ensconatus

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    You know what cook does though schematically? It more than often keys the defense in that we are throwing the ball. That's not good for business. You gotta be able to keep defenses honest.

    I can't remember the exact stat numbers of how often we threw the ball when cook was on the field. But it was staggering. And was extremely lopsided in comparison to when he wasnt
  10. Upright7

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    Hey everybody, Im new on the forum and figured i would introduce myself by chiming in. I went to baptist for the final open practice of preseason and Cook was the most impressive titan that day! He is a freak athelete and is not the problem. Why is he not a good blocking te? He was voted by his peers to be the most atheletic titan... seems like he could get the hang of it. Perhaps we dont ask him to block since Stevens is better at it? On another note, Griffen was a jerk when signing autographs for kids. He didnt interact w a single person, just took their posters, signed them and handed them back. No hello, no eye contact... I say cut him and work it out with Cook.
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