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    I would trade CJ and Locker straight up for Russell Wilson
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    Eli was really inaccurate too, but he has had the chance to grow into a pretty good QB. It took him about 3 to 4 years to have that clicking moment. Some QBs get that quicker than others. I wouldn't mind seeing Locker get another chance.

    What really scares me is the shoulder surgery that can mess with his potential progress at developing.
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    There are many "inaccurate" QB's in the league that have had success. Actually there are only a hand full of passers I consider truly accurate; Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers. Literally all the rest have show accuracy issues.

    I'm not saying that Locker will ever be as accurate as Brady, Brees, Manning or Rodgers but he will be accurate enough to succeed for sure.

    There are two QB's in particular who I consider fairly accurate that have had a ton of success they are Eli Manning and Ben Rapelisberger. I think Locker may be very similar to them when it's all said and done. He'll put the ball where it needs to be most of the time but every once in awhile you'll say "what the hell was that". One difference I've noticed is many teams seem to have good enough receivers to bail out inaccurate QB's on poor throws. I can't tell you how many times I've seen Eli and Ben bailed out on terrible passes by great plays by their receivers. Sadly we just don't have those type of receivers on our team.
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    Yeah right. Wilson has benefited hugely from an awesome running game, and an amazing defense. He's exceeded my expectations so far, but far from a sure thing at this point.
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    You're comparing jake locker to Big Ben and Eli!?! LOL on my phone so I can't drop a good meme. He's more like the Brandon weeden, mark Sanchez, (insert backup journeyman) level of accuracy here.
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    like i said i would do all this if i knew how to sorry
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    we'll figure it out eventually, just keep posting!
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    i just hate people like that who get off on showing how someone cant write good at all i cant help that i have a disorder.
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    Stop making excuses for the guy. He got the same excuses in college... and now the NFL. When do we finally admit- the reason he misses wide open WRs (or even when they do catch it by adjusting), it's because he's not a very good passer?

    He's simply not.
    This isn't an o-line thing. It's not an OC thing. When you have time, have a WR wide open, and simply miss them more-often than not? That's purely on the QB.

    In today's NFL, it doesn't take 3 years to tell if a guy is going to be good or not. Jake, at this point, doesn't even look close.

    Eli Manning was on a great enough team that got him through and carried him- we don't have that.

    The absolute ceiling for Locker is Tony Romo's level.

    And he wont even get to that point.

    We need to bring someone else in, and make him compete. Maybe he wins the job- but make him win it. We need a suitable QB. And then, who knows... if he's a backup, maybe he gets his chance in a few years and actually does really well.

    I don't want to wait another 3 years hoping he finally turns in to something he never has been.

    I'd trade him for quite a few backups in the NFL at this point.
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    I think it's fair to compare him with Kaepernick. Same draft class, with actually having less starts. His decisions are quick, his throws accurate, he's faster and runs smarter. Kaepernick has "it". Locker doesn't.