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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by turnNburn, Apr 30, 2012.

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    It's always about the QB. The Packers, Patriots, Saints, Giants, etc. are not relying on their RB to get them to the Super Bowl. They have found their franchise QB. Maybe if we had to go with a (average at best) 37+ yr. old QB in Hasselbeck, then yes, I could see the team having to rely on CJ to win every game that they could ( still wouldn't make the playoffs).
    But we don't have to go with him, we drafted Locker 8th overall, so we would have a franchise QB, so we could play offense the way it has to be played in today's NFL, and so we could compete with the successful teams in this league that realize that if you're going to get anywhere in today's NFL you need the right QB to do it. QB is no longer a position that teams can afford to settle for, if you have a mediocre QB, you more than likely have a mediocre team.
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    There is absolutely no reason Locker should not start game one of this season. If Locker would have started after the Atlanta game there is no doubt we make the playoffs but I understand why they didn't let him take over LAST year. This year it should be his. If he starts the NO game we win that game also. He only had 2 & 1/2 quarters up against arguably the best qb in the game and almost won it for us. I don't see how fans can't see this and are just happy being content with Hass. His days are over and he had his superbowl.(eventhough the zebras wanted the squeelers to win) Not only do most of the fans want Locker to start but from my perception last year it looked like the entire team wanted Locker to start. He is a natural born leader and its time to take off the reigns.

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    6-12? How is that possible? Are you saying 6-10 wins our division, then we lose in the WC round but the other team's plane crashes on the way to the DP so we get to move on by default and lose that game too?
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    I am so sick of reading all these people say things like "there is no reason Locker shouldnt start week1" or "We would have made the playoffs with Locker starting, we would have won ATL and NO with Locker starting" YOU DONT KNOW THAT SO STOP. Stop overrating how locker played. He played good, not Montana like yall are implying

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    I think you missed what I was saying.

    In other words, QB is fine in Tennessee, it's the RB we should be concerned with. We know our QB's play will be sufficient.
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    Personally, I hope Locker starts... from day 1. I look at it like this, is Hasselbeck going to win us a Super Bowl? No. Then why play him... lets get Jake Locker some playing time and let his era begin. Even if he struggles, there's only one way to get better and it's to keep playing.

    For people saying we have a tough schedule at the start... well lets look at the 1st 5 games:
    New England (31)
    San Diego (13)
    Detriot (22)
    Houston (3)
    Minnesota (26)

    # in ()s is their rank for Pass Yrds Per Game last year. Avg is 19th overall (sub HOU out and it's 23rd). Not exactly a rough start for an opposing QB.
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    See that's the thing , Matt Hasselbeck's play will not be sufficient. Not sufficient enough to make the playoffs anyways.
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    If cj and britt show up we could have kfc at qb and be fine, but we cant bank on that. What if one or neither have a good year? Do you trust Hass to lead us to the POs by himself? I don't. Hass couldnt beat the teams we needed him to beat when it mattered most. Bengals and colts the 2 that standout most. One mediocre team we let come back and a terrible colts team that had no business beating us. Win either game and we are in the playoffs, and they knew how important those games were when we were playing them too (unlike the 1st jags game). Hass just choked big time. The only good team hass beat was the ravens, and that was mainly due to KB. Start hass for another year and that is what we will get again. Too many people are using the shortened offseason for an excuse. By the end of the year hass should have been very comfortable with the offense and that is when he was at his worse. He is not the 1st qb to go to a new team, and he had a whole TC to prepare.

    Maybe if we had a top notch D like in 08 you can start hass, but hass doesn't put this team into the contender category by himself. Im not saying locker does right now, but i feel more confident in locker to win the close games and stand a better chance of beating the top teir teams ... hass had his shot last year and proved he couldnt hang with the SB caliber teams.
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    The only real downside of Locker starting day 1 would be the fact that 5 of our first 6 games are brutal. If Locker were to start 0-4 or 1-5, that might kill his confidence and he could begin playing terribly.

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    A.J. Green can not be stopped, so when I saw Cincinnati come back, I had to laugh at that one.

    That was one of the only times we lost that I wasn't at all upset.
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