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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by turnNburn, Apr 30, 2012.

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    i like the amano - oragami reference. thats a new one (i think), on a long list of them.

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    Both Hasselbeck and Locker can play, so IDC who we start. You gotta think Locker is more dynamic but so long as the running game shows up, we'll be fine.

    Locker could probably shoot it out with Tom Brady but Week1 we have to play our game, not New Englands.

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    I gotta think it is Locker's to lose.
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    Hass isn't going to surprise anyone. We know what we have in Hass. That's why starting him is a waste of time, and a setback to the development of this franchise.

    If Hass starts this season, it simply delays Locker's development. Its time to let the kid get some experience.

    Hass doesn't beat the Pats. No way. He isn't going to be able to dink and dunk us down the field enough times to put up the necessary points.

    Locker has a chance to make enough plays to do it. Sure, he also might turn it over three times and blow the game. But its time to let him try.
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  5. Deuce Wayne

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    So you're really ready to go 6-12 with Locker?

    I'll take the chance on making the playoffs at least while he learns.
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    I would rather go 6-10 with Locker than win the division and get bounced in the first two rounds with Hass.

    The former season actually accomplishes something. It lets Locker gain experience and get some real live time working with the first string offense. It puts us in position to contend the following year.

    The latter scenario does nothing except waste a year and give us a lower draft pick.

    Hasselbeck is a great backup at this stage. Nothing more.

    Oh, and I don't buy your assertion that our record would be worse with Locker. If Locker had started the last half of last season, we'd have been in the playoffs last year.

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    What bugs me some is how so many fans think you can't score throwing for 6-7 yards at a time. Sure it's not as exciting, but it can work. The year Hasselbeck took the Seahawks to the Super Bowl he passed for even fewer yards than he did last year, with just a slightly higher average per throw (less than two and a half feet to be exact). As long as we don't turn the ball over, that is a fine way to score points.

    It's really not about the QB in 2012, it's about Chris Johnson. Think Shaun Alexander. In 2005 he scored 28 TD's for the Seahawks. What was C.J. good for last year, 4 TD's?
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    The only way a quarterback is EVER going to develop in the way your looking for is to let him screw it up a couple times.. Think of it, if you work for a factory manufacturing car gear-shifts, it's gonna take you learning 20 ways NOT to assemble a gear shift before you do it right everytime... same with locker -- he's gonna have learn 20 ways NOT to throw a pass before he becomes a clutch, accurate passer...

    you can preach many things, but the learning capacity banks off many failed attempts until finally getting it right

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    I own a manufacturing facility, and this is true. Takes a bunch of screw ups before you master something.
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