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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by turnNburn, Apr 30, 2012.

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    No, we lose to TB is Hasselback doesn't throw a 4th down TD pass.
  2. SlidePiece

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    He shouldn't even be in the position to have to throw a 4th down TD pass against TB. That should have been an easy win.
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  3. MaxFischer

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    I have no attachment to Dalton, I'm just pointing out that he was the better college quarterback and that he will be the better pro quarterback.

    Hell, one could argue that Dalton had a better year than Cam Newton did last year.
  4. MaxFischer

    MaxFischer Rookie

    You make a good point. Brett Favre is the only quarterback in recent memory to post the college stats he did and still have a good (great, really) NFL career.

    But he's the exception.

    I can point out numerous college qbs who had similar stats to Locker in college (not a lot of TDs, poor completion percentage). And that list will contain a bunch of players you would never want on your team. Just playin the odds, here.
  5. MaxFischer

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    What's foolish is all this Jake Locker myopia.

    If you don't subscribe to the group-think about how Jake Locker is going to be an elite quarterback, then you're automatically 'foolish' or 'biased' or whatever else.

    But it's ok... y'all were probably excited about Vince Young too.
  6. Soxcat

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    I had the same reservations about Locker before the draft you have now but now that he is a Titans we might as well hope for the best. What little we saw of him last season looked pretty good. He might not baffle people with his precision passing but he does make plays. Not like he pulled a Blaine Gabbert last year. There is some reason to be optimistic and we might as well be so. It isn't like having a fit about it now is going to reverse the draft.
  7. Thaddeus43

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    There are plenty of QBs that put up good/great stats in college and have amounted to nothing as well. The most important thing about these young QBs coming out of college is where they are drafted, the coaching they get, and the situations they are put in, and also how much time/effort they put into it. Any QB the Browns take right now is probably gonna fail. The Pats could take the same QB and probably turn him into a solid starter if not an NFL star.

    The difference in talent level between most of these 1st/2nd QBs isn't all that great. Some QBs have more talent than others, but its not so much more that if put in the right system with the right coach, that a lesser QB could end up being the better player.

    VY, KFC, David Carr, Alex smith (until recently), Jamarcus Russel ... the list goes on and on ... all those QBs had "stats" in college, what did that do for them?

    The truth is there are only 32 starting NFL QBs in the world, and only a hand full of them are considered to be really good/great. So chances are any QB that gets drafted will ultimately have at an average to dissapointing career no matter what they did in college.

    Jake has the talent, it is now all about whether the staff can develop him and surround him with weapons. And about how hard Locker works.

    I don't know if Locker will be great, but I think Locker has a much better chance of realizing his potential than VY did. He will have more weapons, a staff that is behind him 100%, and he seems to be a much harder worker than VY.

    He also posesses some of the intangibles that can't be taught, that most of the great QBs have. That doesn't mean he will be great, but it is encouraging.

    Locker was on a terrible team in college though too. That really hurt his stats as well. Its easy for QBs to put up good stats at some colleges because when your OL and WRs way out match the competition, the QB's job gets a whole lot easier. Locker didn't have the best talent to work with in college.
  8. MaxFischer

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    That's pretty reasonable. But I wouldn't go too far with intangibles. Every year, I hear John Gruden talk about a QB's intangibles. And every year, those intangibles don't make that QB any good.

    You can only go so far with coaching, and even if a QB works hard, that won't equal success. For example... Tebow is a hard worker, but he'll never be able to overcome his accuracy issues.

    With VY, his college stats weren't all that great when he was playing good competition. That was the first hole in his game, and the second big red flag was his Wonderlic score (that was JeMarcus's red flag too). We never should have drafted VY solely on his Wonderlic score. Honestly, he's too stupid to be a good NFL quarterback.

    I just question whether Jake Locker actually has the talent to be good in the NFL. I keep on hearing about it, but his numbers at Washington don't indicate great talent.

    But I agree, good stats don't equal success. On the other hand, bad college QB stats usually lead to being a bad or mediocre NFL quarterback. That's all I'm saying.

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    If you really wanna know about a QB, do NOT listen to Jon Gruden. If it were up to him there would be 14 QB's on every team.

    Oh and BTW, Vince isn't too stupid to be an NFL QB. Terry Bradshaw has 4 rings and he's dumber than a brick. Vince is just too sensitive to be a NFL QB.
  10. MaxFischer

    MaxFischer Rookie

    Yeah, the quarterbacks of the past (Marino, Bradshaw, Kelly) were able to get away with poor Wonderlic scores because the game wasn't as complicated as it is now.

    Offenses and defenses today are way more complex, and it seems like there's a threshold of intelligence that a QB must have in order to succeed. I don't think any elite QB of the last 10 years had a poor Wonderlic score.
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