Jake Locker to this point... (ongoing)

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by RollTide, Sep 16, 2013.

  1. Rudad

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    Still wonder if our QB is the reason offense is restricted or if the coach is restricting the offense. Lack of confidence somewhere that has to be opened up either way. Somebody grow some balls and give the offense a try.
  2. mike75

    mike75 Starter

    I'm really hoping Locker starts showing something this next few weeks.I will say this though if he doesn't show any signs of improving by the time we get to the bye week then the coaching staff should seriously think about their options.
  3. Dman

    Dman Starter


    I agree, and I also think the coaching staff has seen enough of locker and that is why our offense is run first. We also run the ball way to much and we put ourselves in those 3rd and long situations last week and we were forced to throw and the defense knew it. We need to be unpredictable and I don't think this coaching staff will let locker do that.
  4. crypta333

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    Then Fitz needs to be taking the snaps while its still early. I think we will start seeing a lot more from Lock these next 3 games. He needs a healthy win at home to boost confidence.
  5. Dman

    Dman Starter


    i agree, he needs that win at home and the next three games... san diego, jets, and chiefs..... all games we can win and put up some offensive numbers. I am more worried about after the next three when we play san fran and go to seattle. tougher games
  6. ColtKiller

    ColtKiller Starter

    That is really absurd. This is the difficult thing about Locker is that we have to give him the rest of this season. For better (hopefully) or for worse. Tomorrow is only the 14th game Locker has started as an NFL QB. It seems like he's been here for eons because he's in his third season. We're not harnessing him because we've seen enough of him; it's the exact opposite. This is the first chance he's getting to run a team from start to finish, and the coaching staff is (over conservatively and to our extreme frustration) trying to protect him.

    Thus far he has been statistically efficient, and had one tremendous drive. That's the best I can really say. He made several good throws against the Texans... the first TD, the long one off the one yard line to start that long drive....those were great throws. However, he made as many if not more terrible throws and decisions that eventually cost us that game. We're all well aware of the situation, so there's no sense in delving into the specifics.

    The fact is, 2013 is Lockers dress rehearsal. It's clear that we have a good team, and a lot to be excited about. We have an OLine who can run block, a good compliment of RB, plenty of WR talent, and a (suprisingly) stout defense will young, fast talent. Our off season additions on both sides of the ball have looked good. We still have some holes to fill (secondary, front 7 depth, C), and ultimately Jake needs to show is this year whether he's ready to lead us to the playoffs next year. And he'll likely get every snap of the season, for better or for worse.
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  7. CJtheBeast

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    I predict a big week for Locker. Bring me the moolah.
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  8. davidc502

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    He needs a big week. It's only week 3, but the Titans are dead last passing the ball.

    Let's hope he can pull it together and win one through the air.
  9. Gut

    Gut Pro Bowler

    I find some comments rather amusing.

    'I haven't completely written him off...' oh the support for our young starting Qb!!!

    Some people need some perspective! RG3 is running basically a college offense so his early success is not surprising. He also was an exceptional prospect coming out. Kap also runs his college offense for the most part and look at well he played the second half of the Seattle game....poor throws, bad decisions, not reading the field.....all mistakes young Qb's make. Luck is really the only Young Qb running an NFL offense that is having an immediate impact and he was probably the best Qb prospect I've seen coming out since Peyton and I think he was a better prospect then Peyton.

    Not to knock Locker, but he wasn't anywhere near that level prospect which is why they aren't handing him the reigns, going 3 and 4 wide all day. We are grooming him like an old school qb because one, we can win without him throwing for 4000yds and 35 Tds and winning is more important! We will hope to bring him along like the Steelers did with Ben and let him develop into more of a passing qb as he gets used to the league. This is also how Brady was brought along as well as McNair.

    For those of you who think him being in his 3rd year is more important than him only having 13 starts are not paying attention! Just because you watch a lot of film and throw to nfl wrs in practice and take some snaps (especially when you know any defenders can't touch you) does NOT help you more then game planning for opponents, executing against different types and styles of d and different personnel who react differently week in and week out. You can watch for 5 years but your first start you're still gonna be a rookie. If you have watched Hard Knocks you hear coaches talking about the difference between practice speed and game speed (preseason) which goes up another notch in the regular season and goes up another notch in the playoffs! You don't experience that in practice!!!

    It is a rare qb who comes in and runs and nfl offense built on passing and does it well enough not to hurt his team. Matt ryan comes to mind, luck even though he threw over 20 ints!!! If you're proposing to dump Locker without letting him get enough NFL experience, we will likely be looking for a new franchise QB for a long time. Maybe you played and won the lottery, because those are long odds! Go ask David Carr or the million qb's who get thrown into the fire to early and 'fail' because people expect ridiculous play from day 1.

    Personally, I think Locker and ANY qb needs 2-3 years of starting before you know what you have. In the mean time, the only question the coaching staff will have is can we win with an old school philosophy (pound the ball, control the clock, play great d) or do we have to force Locker into situations where he could be great but could also cost us some games we would have won...? Since Locker succeeding or failing is likely to play out over a longer period of time, the staff is focused on what gives us out best chance to win. Being efficient and not turning the ball over is what they are thinking. Short of us getting down a lot of points, I don't see us going Air Locker anytime soon.

    Although it doesn't make the fans happy who would enjoy a wide open passing attack, I think the coaching staff would rather be throw for 2500 yds, throw 24 Tds with say 3 ints over something like 3509 yds, 35 Tds with 25 ints. Which would you rather see?

    I'll take the lesser stats and more wins and see over time what Locker can and can't do.

    Let's hope we will be continuing this discussion over the back drop of having beaten the chargers!!!!!!!

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  10. ColtKiller

    ColtKiller Starter

    I agree with a lot of this. 24:3 TD:INT rating sure would be nice... Seems awful lofty.

    All that being said, what do you actually think of Locker's ability? Other then 'needs more time', what's your opinion of the 13 games he's played.
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