Jake Locker to this point... (ongoing)

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    And if we sat him for years after the success of guys like Dalton, Wilson, Kaepernick, RG3 etc, they would have criticized that.

    Irrelevant. Playing is learning.
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    I think Dilfer is trying to make excuses for himself here because he sucked!
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    I think Dilfer is being extremely earnest. He might not have been a great QB but I doubt many people know more about the position than he does. When you are a mediocre athlete you spend your time pouring yourself into the details of how to be a better player. This breeds an understanding of the sport/position that most of the uber talented do not have. This is why so many superstar players flame out as coaches or personnel people. They had so much talent they never had to pick up nuances and as such have very little to teach to guys who are not as talented as they are.

    I'd be careful about dismissing Dilfer. In the last few years he's worked with a TON of the best young QB's in the country. His elite 11 camp is the most exclusive camp in the country and you'd be surprised to find out just how many guys we talk about today pass through there. Jameis Winston is one example. Dilfer wasn't a great QB but it doesn't mean he doesn't know what he is talking about. Everything he said sounded pretty accurate to me.
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    His best WR from last year got traded, his best RB is injured, his offensive line is in shambles, he has no TE....Jakes problem is that he sucks. Bens problem is that everyone on his team sucks.
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    .... uhh... just how long were we supposed to let him sit?

    Dilfer is stupid.
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    Hasnt that been Jake's issue until this season? Now he is battling scheme. Jake Locker may indeed turn out to be nothing. But those of you that think you know now are as delusional as Texan fans.
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    I think we have seen enough to know now how the locker experience in Tennessee is going to end up. Trust me, I want the wins more and I hope he proves me wrong but I don't believe he will be the franchise qb that we drafted him for. He will be known for being average, and being ok in the nfl is not terrible but it's not great and you need the desire to be great to lead a team!
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    Jake Locker has most certainly not peaked. i keep saying this, but I'm going to say it again. Locker's biggest problem is his tendency to panic on big plays when being blitzed. He rushed that ball to Britt late in the game last Sunday. Of course, he also overthrew it badly. He panics a little in those situations. We would all like him to be over that stuff, but he wasn't as of last Sunday. However, this is an issue that improves with time. Jake will definitely get better with the nervous/panic stuff. I don't know how good Locker will end up being, but to say we've seen his peak would be completely incorrect. Relax and let the kid work on his mistakes. He just saw 2 of the best blitzing defenses in the league. Most (not all) of the remaining games should seem easy by comparison to Jake.
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    Wait, why would you question Locker's desire to be great and lead the team? Don't get me wrong, he's nowhere near great right now, but I've never sensed a lack of effort from Jake at all.
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    I know he played at Washington, did he panic in the pocket when he played there? I don't know much or follow college football that much to know what he did there. This is something that should have been corrected when he came in to the league imo. I wonder if it is anxiety or something of that sort. I hope you are right and that it can be corrected, still waiting for it