Jake Locker to this point... (ongoing)

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by RollTide, Sep 16, 2013.

  1. Scarecrow

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    38 yards at 4.8 yards per carry, a TD and a 27 yard reception. I fail to see the point you were trying to make. That a solid stat line for a guy spelling BJE, who also ran through Pitt pretty well.
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    Well, since the point I was reacting to was that Bernard shredded the Pittsburgh defense, I would say that 38 yards isn't exactly shredding them. I do believe the user I was responding to was trying to claim that Bernard made the Steelers defense look bad. He did not.
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    Fair point, but since we drafted Locker to be a franchise QB, I'd expect him to be a lot better sooner than later even his protection isn't flawless or we might need to look in a different direction. Two QB's that immediately come to my mind that have always been running for their lives in the pocket are Big Ben and Jay Cutler, while Cutler isn't great by any means, he's certainly above average and Big Ben is a top 10 QB.
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    Well the shocking thing is Gabbert already has 25 starts under his belt and would have been more if he didn't get injured. Locker has no where near as bad as Gabbert so he will get at least as much time.
  5. John Simpson

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    We all knew that Locker was a project when he was drafted. He sat one year behind Hasselbeck, then battled Hasselbeck thru the off-season so did not get all the reps, then gets hurt in the first game and never recovers, trys to play through the pain of the shoulder but it clearly affected him, and now he has a full off-season of workouts and is the man. He has improved dramatically this year and some of you just choose not to see it. If he continues to improve he could be a very good franchise type QB. Will he ever be Manning, Brees, or Brady type of Qb - ummm no but we do not need him to be. Where Jake was drafted should have nothing to do with this discussion. Was he the 8th best player in that draft - again no he wasn't but he was drafted based on need.

    He has all the tools in the world to be a good QB and a very productive one in this league. He does not have to be elite to take the Titans to the Super Bowl. He has to be productive and he is starting to do that this year. You guys are micro-managing two games and you are also expecting EVERY SINGLE THROW to be perfect. It is not going to happen. Did anyone watch Kaepernick and Wilson on Sunday night? Their accuracy was horrible. No one is talking about it. Andrew Luck has horrible accuracy numbers but no one talks about it. Jake does have stuff to work on but I would rather have a QB with the physical abilities Jake offers and the ability to improve than a QB who you know exactly all they are going to offer.

    Stop talking about Fitzpatrick and let Jake have his year to show us what he can do. There is a reason Fitzpatrick was cut and no one else who needed a starter wanted him - he is not that good. Oh yeah - he had 25 passing TD's last year - whoop-de-doo - how many of those were late in games where the Bills were getting killed and he was throwing against prevent defense? The Titans need to get creative and let Jake do what he does best and get him out on the edge - throwing on the run - running some read action stuff - running more play action - quarterback draws - etc.

    And my last point - I keep reading about how great our WR crew is. Really? Maybe Kendall Wright would start for another team but that is about it. Very over-rated group by this board. Delanie Walker a great TE? Really? Man I must have missed that one. There is no # 1 WR on this team. Where is the Calvin Johnson or Andre Johnson or Victor Cruz? That needs to be the Titans first priority in the draft.

    Ok - let me have it now.
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    ive seen him run speed options....not read options
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    I think at this point Locker is going to feel the stress of being a # 1 pick. Everyone is looking at his development and this is his year. At the end of this year he needs to be able to read defenses, change plays and do whatever he needs to do to be better because if he does not improve, neither will our passing attack, our offense will suffer and this great D we have will be on the field getting tired. Locker this is your time, prove to me you can be the guy!
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    We just need Locker to put up around 200-250 passing yards a game, which is an extra 100 from what he's doing now. Air it out more and don't be afraid of the deep ball. Make the defense stay honest. Also, why is he not scrambling anymore? Seems like we've shoved down "be a pocket passer" we forgot what makes him potentially special.
  9. The Hammer

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    Coaching staff is the biggest inhibitor of that stat right now.
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  10. Dman

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    I want to see an open attack this weekend going down field. If not, I think the coaching staff knows something we don't and that is not a good sign. Don't get me wrong, I do like the occasional screen pass but these dinky passes stink! Throw the ball for yards!!!
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