Jake Locker= Titans version of Mark Sanchez

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by MDTitansFan, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. Tuckfro42

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    He's a less-talented Tim Tebow.
  2. amy

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    Oh, come on. The kid has played nine games. Sanchez has played, well, a whole lot more. We knew going in that he was not a Luck or RGIII. Maybe if we had a coach that could call plays and coach a qb, he just might be doing some better. There is a whole lot more wrong with this team than an excellent qb can fix. I don't think even Peyton could fix this team.
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  3. xpmar9x

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    Not fair, Tebow is Gods third child... Jesus, Michael Jordan, and Tim Tebow.
  4. sikwiddit

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    Locker should just retire now then.
  5. ncaalover12

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    Which means Locker is gonna turn out like David Carr or Blaine Gabbert...doesn't have the talent around him, his offensive line can't block anyone, etc. Throw in his accuracy issues in the pocket and his struggles in the red zone and well...awesome.
  6. Titanup1982

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    We have 2 games to evaluate Locker.

    Locker better come out slinging, if not I am done with him.
  7. Thaddeus43

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    Well, Locker didn't light up the stat sheet or anything, but he did complete about 86% of his passes tonight, and didn't make any costly turnovers. He answered a Jets TD with a TD of his own, and won the game behind a terrible OL that was getting blitzed all day long ... plus he has hardly played so I expect him to grow a ton. And ... oh yeah ... THE JETS HAD THE #2 PASSING D COMING INTO THIS GAME!!!!!!

    Sanchez on the other hand threw 4 ints (2 to Griffin for crying out loud) completed 46% of his passes, and Lost. And this was to the #27 passing D
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  8. Thaddeus43

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    I hope you are kidding ... you have to give Locker another year at least. See how he can improve going into the offseason/TC/preason knowing he is the starter and getting all the reps (something he desperately needs right now). A real OC and OL ... If he is still struggling then you might start looking, but you have to give him a chance.

    He has done some good and some bad this year ... but I think thats what most expected from him starting out. He's gotta take his lumps in the league. If you want instant success then we will probably be drafting QBs every other year for the next decade to find that guy.
  9. Tank

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    I think your mother drank while she was pregnant with you
  10. Tank

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    Are you going to cut him from your fantasy team? Or are you tight with Bud... Is this titanswillwin2?
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