Jake Locker live update at 1:30

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by crypta333, Sep 30, 2013.

  1. GoT

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    yeah it is, but we are all hoping for best case
  2. Anthony4Titans

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    I think he either had pads under his jersey or some kind of pockets on the front of his legs. Maybe I'm way off but it looks almost like a bone or something moved but it had to be something else. Watch the other leg as well and it looks like there is one there too.
  3. 5tweezyPOT

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    whats a elrod
  4. Escape Goat

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    Burton Elrod.
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  5. Alzarius

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    Seriously, not sure what your point is here, other than not knowing what has been going on in the league the past few years, but theres a reason why people are fined so heavily for late hits, and this is the reason. Asking for a little consistency isnt asking for much.

    And yes, if he wasnt injured, Id still be asking where the fines were. Maybe from a dim witted, narrow point of view, no one would care. However as someone who as advocated for the end of **** like this, I have a problem with it, with or without an injury.

    "its football", dumbest excuse to go do whatever you want on the field. Rules are there for a reason, to be enforced.
  6. The Hammer

    The Hammer Problematic AF

    That is what has been scaring me.
  7. The Hammer

    The Hammer Problematic AF

    Oh Fitz is better than Freeman. But Rusty is not. I think that is the concern. However, there should be an FA better than Rusty out there.

    And the grass is always greener
  8. Titans2004

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    Yes. It is. The head of the femur does not have a good dual blood supply. So if it gets injured in just the right spot you can develop avascular necrosis which is what happened to Bo Jackson.

    Someone questioned the screaming and I am just reporting what I was told. I think it was one of those screams of pain right when it happened. One of those screams when you know a guy is really hurt.

    Let's all hope that it is a 4 week thing....Fitz gets us the win this weekend and then we get Locker back after the bye week.
  9. RTH

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    Coples should be fined, definitely. Blatant late, unnecessary hit. Wilkerson... probably. Coples' hit caused the injury, IMO.

    Coples should be fined even harder since Jake got injured.

    Think of it this way:
    If Coples got drunk and drove home... on the way he ran into Jake driving the other way, but no one was injured... he'd be charged with DUI and the wreck. But if this same scenario plays out with Jake getting injured - severely - Coples' charge would be increased dramatically. Right?

    All that said... what pisses me off the absolute most about this is that f***ing Ref standing 5-10 feet away. He's not watching Jake. He's merely watching the ball. So there's NO WAY he was able to count the number of steps Wilkerson took, or even SEE the type of hit OR the hit Coples did. He wasn't doing his job of watching the QB. If that had been an "upper tier" QB, that Ref would be hunched down, eyes squinted, totally focused on the QB and his hand on the flag ready to throw it.

    That Ref didn't do his job. He should be fired and never allowed to work in the NFL again. Imagine if he was a Flag Man at a construction site and didn't pay attention to his only job of stopping cars and decided to watch the bulldozer. All those cars would move on through - straight into the other on-coming cars.

    Fine and FIRE that Ref.

    Wonder if that is the same Ref that claimed Smith didn't get sacked for a safety...
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  10. Titans2004

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    I was doing the same thing as the ref. I was so focused on the ball after he threw it that I didn't even see Jake get hit. Wilkerson was far enough away from Locker when the ball came out that I didn't even perceive him as a threat to nail Locker and then Coples hits him even later.

    I hope we can get a better officiating crew this week because our first 2 games have been putrid. But I'm sure the Chiefs vs. Titans will get the bottom of the barrell recordes be damned.
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