Jake Locker is our Manning/Roethlisberger

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by titanfantilidie, Aug 15, 2011.

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  1. 14u2ponder

    14u2ponder Starter

    So we should trade CJ for Bradshaw? I'm sure new york would insta-trade with us.

    Oh, apparently cj does something right to gain the most yards from scrimmage in a single season. Can you explain how a guy that can't do anything better than bradshaw was able to do that?

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    I don't want to encourage Deuce to keep this Bradshaw vs. Johnson thing going, but I know what he's talking about, and he has a small point. Bradshaw more times than not will go forwards and gain some yards, whereas C.J. may or may not gain anything. With Bradshaw you can add 4+4+4 and have your 1st down, and with C.J. it may go something like; 1+(-3)+63 and then get your 1st down. The nice thing about RB's like Bradshaw is that they'll keep the clock ticking and the chains moving. What C.J. does could result in a TD or a punt, which is why I've always been saying C.J. needs to be used the right way otherwise he kills drives.

    I truly do believe Munchak knows how to use C.J., and Fisher didn't. It's Fisher that's made Deuce think the way he does.
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  3. CaptainInsano02

    CaptainInsano02 Starter

    ^Well put, JCBRAVE
  4. SoCalTitan867

    SoCalTitan867 Starter

    CJ also knows how to hold onto the ball. Something Bradshaw hasn't figured out yet. I don't remember CJ ever getting benched for that lil problem. But who cares about efficiency? Right?
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  5. 757Titan

    757Titan We had zero pro bowlers

    HAHA. Bradshaw is a SOLID starting running back. He takes advantage of having a good QB, a good TE, and 2 really good WRs in Manningham and Nicks. He NEVER sees 8+in the box. Bradshaw is good, CJ is elite.
  6. RollTide

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    Do you even think before you write crap like that?

    Fisher got an average of over 1500 yards a season out of CJ with a 5.0 average. Those are hall of fame type numbers!

    Munchak hasn't even coached Cj in a preseason game.

    Why do you make stuff up like that? CJ had a 2000 yard season just 2 years ago where were you?

    And what makes that comment even dumber is that CJ had an off year because of the O-line's poor play that was under Munchak's watch!


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    Wrong again Lawrence.
  8. RollTide

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    This is the Jake locker is God thread not the trade Cj thread. How did we start talking about CJ vs Bradshaw?
  9. CheeseheadTitan

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    All threads lead back to the core, remember...last year the core was VY, but we are transitioning to CJ.

    This is going to be really weird if we sign CJ....
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  10. Kaeotik

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    I agree. Although I would say when instead of if we sign CJ as I have no doubt that CJ will sign a long-term deal with the Titans before week 1. I know Titans fans, and some of them wouldn't forgive CJ for holding out no matter what. He's hated now. Perhaps being league and super bowl MVP would change that, but I doubt anything short of that will do. That's just how it is when you're a Titan. Britt can expect the same should he have hamstring problems into the regular season. He'll never be forgiven for it.
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