Jaguars pledge they aren't looking to offseason

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by NewsGrabber, Dec 4, 2008.

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    Posted by's Paul Kuharsky [​IMG] The Jaguars have a chance in their remaining four games to do some work as a spoiler.

    They bristle at the idea that they'll give anything but a full effort or look forward to the offseason.

    "I never understand that question people ask," left tackle Khalif Barnes said. "We are professional athletes. We compete. We have four games left, we get ready for the next one. What else would we do? I never understood the question. We are competitors by nature, that's what we love doing."

    Here are two others on whether there is any temptation to look ahead to what's sure to be an active offseason.

    Coach Jack Del Rio:

    "I'm excited about this opportunity to go to Chicago right now and take on the Bears. We get another month of football. We get another month being together, this group of men. I think it's a great opportunity to go up in the elements and take on a good football team on their turf and I'm looking forward to that challenge. I recognize there are other challenges in front of us but I'm not getting ahead of myself. I think it's most important to take this business, take this job one day at a time and pour all that you have into it. So that's how we're going to approach it."

    Quarterback David Garrard:

    "Well I am definitely not thinking about what happens when the season ends. It is all about right now. This week who we are playing, this week being prepared for the Bears and focusing on just that. If you start letting your mind wonder about what is going to happen down the road, then you are already beat and we do not have any room for that kind of error in this locker room. We are definitely talking about the here and the now getting ready for the Bears and trying to get a win."

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    Stupid kitties, you got nothing else to play for (except to knock off the Colts).
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    They are probably looking to the West and wondering where their new home will be located.
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    They'd fit in better in either the AFC or NFC West. They might be able to beat some of those teams.
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