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    Posted by's Paul Kuharsky
    Back in early August, I wrote a bit about the potential difficulties for first-year pass rushers.
    Those concerns have come to fruition for Jacksonville, where the Jaguars are optimistic rookies Derrick Harvey and Quentin Groves will show steady improvement and start to make more noise.
    Harvey missed all of camp in a contract dispute, so expectations for immediate impact were especially low.
    But now he's been working with the team for roughly the amount of time he would have gotten in training camp, which has defensive coordinator Gregg Williams thinking Harvey could be on the verge of bigger things.
    Here's what Williams told Jacksonville reporters Thursday about Harvey and about early impact for defensive ends he coached in Tennessee and Buffalo:
    "I thought here in the last week and a half, I've seen a rise. And again he's working so hard. Sometimes you want it so hard that you paralyze yourself at times. But I think after the first month he's kind of had his training camp now, and you see his legs are getting back. You see his reaction time on being able to react to a counter move a little bit faster now, and that only comes through time.
    "I think Quentin (Groves) was ahead in that respect because he went through all that time on task, and his failings came in practice situations because he had so many live situations in training camp, where Derrick's came in ballgames because of his lateness to camp. With the exception of Jevon Kearse, who we drafted many years ago in the upper part of the first round, mid part of the first round, there was a guy that came in and immediately had an impact. Never played the position; never played the position but had an impact.
    "The rest of the guys it's taken a little bit longer for them to get the feel for that. I had Aaron Schobel and it took him a little while to get used to the position too, and all of a sudden the light clicks on and they're ready to go. And I think Derrick has really, really made some strides. It's a long season and I think he'll continue to do better."

Thread Status:
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