Jaguars coordinator discusses late-game scoring drives

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by NewsGrabber, Oct 9, 2008.

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    Posted by's Paul Kuharsky Jaguars coordinator Gregg Williams fielded a question today about his defense's late-game play.
    The Jaguars have given up a scoring drive late in regulation in all five of their games this season.
    Game/Drive/Time left/Result/Made score/Final score
    at Tennessee/9 plays, 80 yards, 2:10/3:47/LenDale White 1-yard TD run/17-7 TEN/17-10 TEN
    Buffalo/9 plays, 74 yards, 3:50/4:10/James Hardy 7-yard TD catch/17-16 BUF/20-16 BUF
    at Indianapolis/11 plays, 77 yards, 1:26/1:07/Joseph Addai 2-yard TD run/21-20 IND/23-21 JAX
    Houston/9 plays, 53 yards, 1:47/:01/Kris Brown 47-yard FG/27-27 tie/30-27 (OT) JAX
    Pittsburgh/11 plays, 80 yards, 4:40/1:53/Hines Ward 8-yard TD catch/26-21 PIT/26-21 PIT
    Here's the relevant Q&A with Williams:
    Have you ever had a season where in five games your team gave up scoring drives on the last drive of the game?
    "No, I really haven't in that respect but one of the things you do there is again, those are challenging plays meaning that our guys are tight and tough. It's a half an inch here, it's an inch there. It's not any consistency of a person, it's not any consistency of a call, it's not a consistency of a technique. You look from a competitive standpoint, are those plays earned plays? Does the other team have to earn a play away from the technique of the defense or the technique of the player? In most of those cases those are things where they were great throw-and-catch or a great play on the other part. You don't like that, obviously. You never like that and you've got to find a way to overcome those."
    So it's more the offense making good plays than the defense playing poorly?
    "I would say this, I would say it's an execution type thing and what you've got to do is you've got to find a way to execute in sometimes the most stressful situations. You've got to kind of slow your heartbeat down and anticipate the play that's getting ready to be run, but in those situations they were leveraged plays where the offense had the advantage in a couple of those situations."
    The Jaguars can pull to 3-3 if they can find a way to win at Denver this weekend. Williams and the defense certainly hope to do enough earlyÂ*to make sure Jay Cutler doesn't have a chance to engineer a sixth late-game drive to undo Jacksonville.

Thread Status:
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