Jags win cost us nothing in draft position...

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by Titans2004, Dec 24, 2013.

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    Well, since I am going to the game. It will be REALLY hard for me to route for the Titans to lose. I know this game means nothing, but I never want them to just lose. Plus I paid $92 face value having bought the season tickets. So I feel like I am wasting my $ just to go and get mad when we play well
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    yeah but it dont

    will see how it plays out.

    I honestly think the Titans get boatraced by the cows sunday

    1 - its been almost 3 weeks since the last boatrace and there has only been a couple all year.
    2 - its their Superbowl. Dbag WPs chance too make a case as 'for reals' HC
    3 - Last weeks come from behind 4 point W against the second worse team in the NFL was the teams game too 'play their hearts out' for MM. 4 point come from behind vs horrid team - just sayin'
    4 - Home teams are, IMO, at a disadvantage when playing for squat. Players know they will be done with the season tuesday and all they have too do is stay healthy and its party time. Visiting players are in 'NFL mode'. Travel, unfamiliar hotel, road routine ect. They are much more mentally ready too play a football game than the home team. See point 3 above

    not saying I like the above, and I hope I am wrong. But it is what I expect too see sunday
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    Both Buffalo and TN are 6-9. Buffalo has NE, which is likely an L and a 6-10 record. If we lose to Houston, we're also 6-10. Potential of 3 6-10 teams (Buf, TN, and NYG) which by SOS is how the draft order would work out. Only way we get #9 (highest we can get) is if Buf beats NE and we lose to HOU.
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    What? If we were tied with Jax and lost to them twice it would go to a coin flip? Not, you know, the fact that they beat us twice? I could be wrong but pretty sure that puts them ahead of us and us with a lower pick, no?
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    yep I agree with you. hope the Titans win but take the points and the Texans...no wait I need Tn to lose to be 6-10 to win
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    Actually if we and the jags had the same record it would go to Strength of Schedule to determine who has the higher pick. Not head to head.
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    You misunderstand... Manziel WONT go to Jacksonville. He will hold out and get traded.
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    I don't care about the draft position right now. I just care about losing so that Munchak gets fired.

    I think losing to Houston (getting swept by the worst team in the league) would seal his fate. However, I think we'll win. And while two meaningless wins against the Jags and Texans shouldn't be enough to save Munchak's job, I'm afraid that's exactly what will happen.
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    Btw does anyone know who would get the #1 pick if the Redskins and Texans both finished 3-13? Or have the Texans locked it down no matter what?

    The Redskins pick goes to the Rams which truly pisses me off that Fisher got to load up like that off the RG3 trade.