I've settled on Cordarrelle Patterson at 10 if he's there

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by TheSureThing, Apr 18, 2013.


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    hard to make a play when the balls bouncing off your facemask.
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  2. 2ToneBlueBlood

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    I'm with you on taking Patterson as long as Star is off the board. I think if certain Titans fans are against the pick, it's because we took a WR last year in the 1st and a lot of them were surprised and some mad about it and they don't want a repeat of last year, no matter how good of a prospect he is.

    I don't think some people realize what a weakness WR is for the team. Nate is getting old. Britt is in all likelihood not back. That leaves Kendall and after him Williams and Hawkins.
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  3. Ensconatus

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    Go watch some film. Dude isn't that amazing and he rarely catches anything with his hands. I will PASS.
  4. 2ToneBlueBlood

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    Also, I've said it before but it bares repeating; there has only been one guard taken in the top 10 in the last 25 years. Though we all know we need to strengthen the interior line, that doesn't mean we have to overdraft to get a good player there. It also doesn't mean you have to draft the position of greatest weakness in the first round either.

    I called into Coach Munchak's radio show at the end of last season and asked him about drafting a guard at 10. He said that usually you only take tackles in the first round and especially having a top 10 pick that it's too high to take a guard.

    I also believe that Munch and Matthews believe they can coach up players to be as effective as a 1st round pick could be. They've done it in the past. So why waste a top 10 pick on a position when you can get an absolute game changer at the WR position and give Jake the weapons he needs to succeed.
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    I don't understand this catching with your hands logic. As if catching the ball changes at the next level, as long as he brings it in, I'm fine. And IDK what film you're watching, he blew by every SEC defense.
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    Uh... Patterson isn't a game changer; not yet anyways. He has some significant flaws and shouldn't even be drafted in the first half of the 1st round. Sure, i'd agree if we had Julio Jones or AJ Green on the board, but we don't. Get a defensive playmaker round 1.

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    Well now we understand why you'd take Patterson at 10.
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    I'm sooo glad you have decided to settle on Patterson with your 10th pick. This means the Titans can draft Warmack with their 10th pick and solidify their OL. Thank you TheSureThing for keeping the Titans from making a huge mistake.

    P.S. Where were you in 2011 with your 8th pick?
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    We have complained that the interior offensive line is horrible. :cuss:
    We have complained that there are no holes to run through. :cuss:
    We have complained that CJ is washed up cause he doesn't hit the hole (even when there isn't one). :cuss:
    We have complained that we need to address the interior of the offensive line. :cuss:

    Now the opportunity presents itself to fix the interior of the offensive line and we are still complaining. :hugelaugh: If both Warmack and Cooper are available at #10, then trade back and you will still get an elite interior o-lineman. But fix the offensive line. NO IF'S, ANDS OR BUTS.

    We are selecting in the top ten for a reason, stop with the band-aids and fix the problem!
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    You didn't watch many UT games this year then did you? Just on kick returns, CP averaged more yards per return than Patrick Peterson did while in school. And though he was playing against lesser competition in Ju-Co, he averaged over 50 yards per return.

    At WR, while playing the best defenses in the country he consistently beat his man. Watch the tape. He might be one of the most elusive guys with the ball in his hands.
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