It's official. Texans are a juggernaut....

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Anthony4Titans, Sep 30, 2012.

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    lol. So we suck then. Those certainly aren't the tendencies of a team that doesn't suck. It's even worse in fact, because we have the talent to be better.

    That being said, I've said for months that if we go 2-6 or 3-3 I won't be too disappointed. Have start with an absolutely brutal stretch, but it softens up a but after that. It will get better when we're not playing playoff teams every week.
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    It has to be because we lost... not because its what we think or its our opinion or MY GOD IT MIGHT BE THE TRUTH AS SEEN BY ANYONE NOT WEARING TEXAN COLORED GLASSES.

    retard... This is a Titan forum. What do you expect. Us to sing the praises of a team we dont think is as good as Texan fans think it is?
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    Terrible comparison to the 2007 Titans... That team didn't have the same experience and were not nearly as impressive or talented... That was the VY team I believe. -_-

    The Texans beat 3 playoff teams last season and then came maybe a play short of the AFC championship game... So far they are unbeaten and have taken care of business which is all that can be expected from a quality team... So we'll see how they fair when they play the "unbeatable" good teams, but some of those very teams have underperformed or looked worse in losses against perceived lesser competition thus far.
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    Geez... I wasn't saying the two teams were similar at all.

    I was using us as an example of a team who beat weaker competition and lost to EVERY good team we played... sort of like what the Texans did last year and will likely do again this year.
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    Yes. We suck.

    But if Hasselbeck didn't come in, this game ends up being a lot closer.
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    The Texans also lost to 4 NON playoff teams. 2 of those wins came at home as well. Those 3 playoff teams also were 1 and done in the playoffs. You caught the Steelers at a bad time for them. They were very banged up early.

    My point is... you can spin, I can spin. The Texans havent proven anything yet. They havent won anything yet. This is why I dont like average Texan fan. You guys just expect it to be handed to you because IT IS. Well.. it isnt until you do it up here with the big boys. You guys wanna run before you walk. You are the media darlin flavor of the month so far. Get beat by the big boys and thats where you will stay. Prove it and win and I will admit I was wrong.
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    Prediction: TitanMark, RavensShallBurn, and JCBrave are going to be sitting in a circle on February 3, 2013 around 9 pm. They will aim handguns at each other's heads and blow their brains out. Why?

    You guessed it, the Texans won the Super Bowl and they won't be able to take it.

    These 3 douchebags will NEVER, EVER give the Texans an iota of credit. They hate the Texans with every fiber of their being and will always, ALWAYS make an excuse. If the Texans beat the Packers in two weeks it's a virtual certainty they will all say "this GB team isn't that good, look, they already have 3 losses" blah blah blah.

    Anyway it pleases me greatly how miserable you are at the moment. At least a couple Titan fans like Air Canada and Anthony4Titans can admit the Texans are a very strong team, a legit SB contender, and *gasp* a lot better than the Titans.

    EDIT: Oh and let's add GoT to the suicide circle, he's as big a Texans Hater as these 3 too.

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    I understand what you are saying Mark, but you have to be a big time homer to not admit that they are different than in years past. There is nothing wrong with giving credit where it is due. Don't forget that the Oiler/Titans franchise has been in existence since the beginning of time while the Texans are relatively new in comparison. All things being equal, we should be much better if the Titans brass was competent enough to spend the necessary dough to put a quality product on the field. And that includes players and all of the coaching staff. Every single time we play the Chargers and Pats we get gashed by whatever TE they choose to plug in. Sure, the Titans kept today's game close for a half, but did anyone really think they were gonna be able to sustain that for 4 quarters? I sure as hell didn't. Like I said, they tease us with flashes of good play but they rarely put together a complete game. Last week's performance against the Lions was fool's gold because we beat a team led by a Fisher disciple that displays a lot of the same tendencies that have plagued us for years. Big surprise there.
  9. Alzarius

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    Texans were a really good team last season, and now they have their QB back.

    I dont like them, but anyone not willing to give them credit at this point, is living in the past.

    The Texans were a good team before they beat us, as well as after.
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    It will be interesting to see the Texans play some of the better teams in the NFL but I wouldn't call them a juggernaut right now. It's New England and Baltimore they need to be measured against not Tennessee and Denver. That being said they are a very solid team and look like they have very few holes.