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    And the point is? Every new offense had the same thing said about it until it won. Doesn't mean it's a bad offense and frankly, when they ran that offense in the first half, the Eagles looked like a vastly superior team.

    At the risk of getting into a debate about another offense, the Run n Shoot statistically is one of the best offenses in football history but few college teams run it and no one runs it (as an offense) in the NFL. It also has zero championship at both the college and pro level though a few teams ran it quite successfully!

    Of course, we could point out that the 46 defense was a crazy system that hadnt won anything until they DID! We'll see how the Eagles go during the season. I do agree that Vick and McCoy staying healthy are rather big factors and running so many plays means a greater chance at injury.

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    I don't see how anyone can really argue against it. Its just a typical offence just speed up, its not like anything new is really out there. You are banking an getting the defense to make penalties, be out of position, and get tired. Its not anything even close to the wildcat.
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    The eagles ran 77 plays and 49 of them were running plays.

    You can really run the ball out of that offense. Barner a mediocre back put up 325 against the USC defense last year. It makes the defense tired and creates space to run the ball.

    The very idea that Oregon would be competing for a national title is absurd when you consider what that program was 20, 30 and 40 years ago. They have never been a traditional power in that conference until recent years. They were never that good.

    The last time Oregon won a rose bowl game was 1917.
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