It's a passing league.........

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    Knowing the NFL is a passing league, how far do you think the Titans will get with a ground game?

    It's only week one, but already the Titans are starting to form an identity. The identity being a running team. With Locker's, let's say 'undeveloped' passing capabilities, how far is this team going to go?

    I'm feeling good about a win .vs Pittsburgh, but how much should it be kept in perspective?
  2. Dman

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    the league may favor the pass but a good team runs the ball well. pass to score and run to win!
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  3. Scarecrow

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    The league is more about finding your niche and doing it better than anyone who can stop it.
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    hence chip kelly and the eagles offense. I was impressed by what they did tonight. I think they will be a hard offense to stop, will put up a lot of points this season. Definitely will be interesting to see how different teams approach them
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    If the defense can play they did against Pitt, we can beat anyone. As with any team, there will be times when the Offense needs to pick up the D and vice versa. The D really carried us for a lot of that game. It's funny how the 'experts' keep saying the Steelers only gave up 16 points. No mention that our D held them to 7!!!

    There will be games where we will need a LOT more out of the offense, but every game is different. Certain teams match up better then others....

    Thank God Chip Kelly didn't install that in Denver or visiting teams would have a much more serious problem!!! No doubt teams will have to up the conditioning of the defense and adjust their own offensive game plans to control the clock more (play keep away). We may also see a lot of 'injured' defenders slowing the game down (and allow defenses to take out tired players. Bengals did this with their no huddle and were complaining to the NFL due to all the DL guys getting 'cramps' and other injuries to slow them down. We'll see how teams handle it but we may see the same old tactics from the 80's!

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  6. The Playmaker

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    I like the way this team is built. We have an effective run game, Locker looks like a QB that won't cost us games, our OL is going to keep Locker off his back and create holes for the RBs, and we have a very young and very talented front 7.
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    even in a passing league, defense wins championships. if mccourty and verner can cover like last week, we'll win a lot of games this year. i'm not worried about the front 7 at all. do the steelers suck? yep, but the falcons don't and we kicked their asses in the lone meaningful preseason game.
  8. ColtKiller

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    Preseason ain't **** dude. We're 1-0 against a crappy team. Fortunately, Houston is looking very beatable right now.
  9. nbtoppers2

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    so beating the falcons all 3 quarters the starters played means nothing? the same D we played in that game showed up in Pittsburgh.
  10. Maker_84

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    i see 7 or 8 wins