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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by danny, Apr 1, 2006.

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    I saw a piece NFL films did on this guy last week on NFL Network. It went back into his childhood, where he came from, etc. This guy has to not only be one of the NFL's feel good stories, but life's feel good stories. The article I pasted to this is just a little blurb about him that made me think of it.

    They interviewed him in his original hometown somewhere in upstate New York. He went into how he was abused and how he and his family were homeless, living in someone's backyard in a tent, living in a station wagon, etc. He then went onto to show where his family would pull up in the back of some diner or restraunt where his father would pull the car up and wait for the garbage to be dumped and they would, at times, eat from the dumpster. His father, at the time, was a real bad drunk and used to just tee off on him for nothing.

    Anyway, this kid builds himself up, despite his situation, gets to his final high school game, and his mother is killed just days before his last game in a car accident. He goes out and plays. He then goes onto to get into Harvard and helps turn the program into a winning team. Later, he gets drafted in the fourth round by the Seahawks. Instead of going to graduation, and walking down the isle to accept his diploma, he goes to tarining camp with the Seahawks and asks his father to go in his stead. They show the graduation ceremony with all these people at the graduation wearing Seahawk hats, etc.

    They go on and talk to his father, who he's made peace with since being sober for several years, his former coach at Harvard, etc. You really see what a class act this guy is and what he's become and how driven he is.

    You wish the Titans could get a guy with his class, drive, and character. The world would be a better place with more people like this guy. You have to see the clip to understand what I'm talking about.
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    He's not a bad player either.
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    Yea, I watched that with my wife before the SuperBowl. She was really tearing up over it. It was pretty damn touching. It was also one of the reasons why we were rooting for the Seahawks. David Greene was the other.
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