Is this what we have to face next season?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Shanvhere, Jan 17, 2013.

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    I have the same concerns as you and feel the same way on some issues but at the same time I think your reaching to try and prove your points.

    -Anyone can go back and say "oh we should've won this game and been here and not there". It's easy to think we should've been a playoff team two years ago but not this year when we should've beat the Jags and Colts and then decimated by injuries on our OL and Locker's shoulder injury. We could do this all night on what our record should have been. What I do think we both agree on is if we are going to become a better team and a playoff contender we have to win the games we're supposed to. Like last season with giving the Colts their first win or the Jags game this year off a bye and with some momentum. Believe it or not most of these teams that get all this hype simply win the games they're supposed to and steal a game or two and they're in.

    -We were aggressive in free agency last year. We went hard after Manning and unfortunately that kind of tied our hands with any other serious negotiations. We brought in almost every FA Center, signed Wimbley and Hutch, and brought in a few DB's as well. There was a lot more activity last year than the usual let's sign a couple solid players and call it.

    -I think it's a win-win. We either make the playoffs or we get rid of the coaches that almost no one likes. You're going to complain about making the playoffs? Once you get their it's anyone's game, upsets can happen. We haven't been in the postseason in what seems like forever, I don't care how we get in I just want to see a game when it matters the most. Who cares if our draft pick goes up a couple spots, give me playoffs every time.

    -Now realistically, we'll probably go around 6-10 or 7-9 again. Locker will show some flashes but he may not pan out, our coaches will probably get worked like they did this season, and our two young LB's and a random rookie will continue to be the bright spots on this team. However, the beauty of the NFL is you just never know. Maybe our coaching staff gets their heads out of their butts and maybe Locker becomes a really good QB that we all hope for. We'll see. It's about to be the off season, where every team can go in with a clean slate and hope for the best. If we have another good draft class and sign a couple more good players then we're a playoff team imo.
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