Is this what we have to face next season?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Shanvhere, Jan 17, 2013.

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    I'm with the titans for life so while things get frustrating sometimes, especially times when I think I know what's best and they do the opposite, there's going to be a lot more football to be played in my lifetime (knock on wood). So next season, I don't envision a championship, but hey, if munch blows it, I feel like a redo of the current staff would come down and that should give hope for future seasons. If somehow, he turns this thing around, then hey, more power to him. I don't think he comes off as a great leader, but if he coaches them up and brings us to the playoffs, ok, let's see how far he can go.

    There will be good times, we will win again, and again down the road we will suck again, that's life. I remember when the colts didnt do crap for years, pats were pitiful for most of my childhood. We get lucky on a few draft picks and boom. Perennial contender.
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    Depending on LUCK in the draft is a very unstable foundation for future productivity. If we can start drafting NEEDS of the team and not the typical, hey-he-knows-what-a-football-is approach, then we will have some boom on draft day
  3. dontdraftcutler

    dontdraftcutler We can't be that bad, can we?

    I agree 100%. When we draft a back up holder from Montana State who could potentially be a star defensive tackle, but he's never played it...
  4. 5tweezyPOT

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    does everyone make references like this because of taylor thompson??? because he was a good high school tight end. and he did ok this year he did good blocking and hell be good recieving once he gets more practice
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    To be honest, I'm not that upset that Munch and Co are still here, and I don't really blame Bud for keeping them around. If you hire a guy you have to give them a chance to do thier jobs. 2 years really isn't very long. Giving Munch his 3rd year is only fair IMO. He had a better than expected year last year, and a bad year this year ... Its not A-typical for coaches to get than 2 years to prove themselves. Bud keeping him isn't as big of a deal as some people make it out to be. Its not like he has been HC for 10 years or anything

    And I don't think the future is so bleak. We are in a win-win right now. Either Munch figures things out and we have a good year, or he gets canned and we all get a new HC like we wanted. No way he sticks around after another lousy season. This is his last chance.

    And I do think Bud is willing to open the pocket book. He tried to do it last year for Peyton, it just didn't work. The Titans said they would've been players for Mario Williams had we not gone after Peyton (although I am glad we didn't over pay for him). We went after all the top Centers last year, but couldn't really make any concrete offers while waiting on the Peyton drama to end. And we ended up getting the 2nd best passer rusher available (whether or not he is worth it remains to be seen) ... but it all adds up to the Titans being willing to spend the money, just not successful. A lot of that can be blamed on going after PM, but that was a "High risk, High reward". We took the risk, but didn't get the reward. Thats just how it goes sometimes.

    I expect the Titans to go hard after FA's again this year, but without Bud getting in the way. Hopefully it results in a lot of solid Vet signings. If we don't do that, then I might lose a little faith.

    I was a little surprised to see Gray and Loggains back this year, but again, its a win-win situation. Either they right the ship and everyone is happy, or they all get canned at the end of the year and everyone is happy.
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    ImTheCrew hates you.

    Fantastic post. Though it really doesn't fit in with the doom and gloom and overall panic and turning in fan cards and stop spending money on the Titans theme of the forum.


    As crappy as all of buds decisions are and as crappy of a team that we field, just keep one thing in mind. . . It doesnt freakin matter. Its just a game and win or lose, if your life happiness depends on a game, your have bigger problems then having a crappy team.
  8. Riverman

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    I appreciate the time and effort you put in to the post. I appreciate the optimism. I agree on a couple of items, in particular that it isn't unreasonable to keep a coach who went 9-7 then 6-10.

    However, there are a few points on which I disagree with you. IMO (and others) 9-7 really should have been 10-6 and we should have been in the playoffs that year. The 6-10 year was neither reflective of the direction of the team nor the quality. We were BLOWN out in several of those losses. Our OC was fired when statistically (and to the eyeball) our Defense headed backwards this year. Munchak has towed the party line and really hasn't made any coaching changes that are significant. The coaches of the units that performed well were fired. (I believe they asked to be released in order to seek more secure employment) We've advanced coaches with little or no experience to replace them despite having MANY qualified candidates.

    It is also ludicrous to suggest that the reason we will go after FA's again hard this year. We didn't go hard last year. It's also inaccurate to suggest were unable to land free agents to repair the O-line or other positions of need was because Bud wanted Peyton Manning. There was plenty of cap room to construct a deal to land Peyton plus the OL we needed. Getting those FA's wasn't a priority. It may well be why Reinfeldt was fired. His firing is affirmation that there was an error made on some level by the organization.

    It is also ludicrous to suggest that it is a "win-win" to keep Munchak and Company. If the team has a miserable 2013 campaign, we will most likely do another re-build of coaches, franchise QB and scheme. If that happens, we have wasted a year. That is a lose. So to be correct, it is a Win-Lose, risk-reward situation. If we win and make the playoffs, then Munchak stays.

    If our team makes the playoffs and isn't significantly improved, then we are one and done. Same as this franchise has been for years. So the only real "win" is if the team is SIGNIFICANTLY improved. And by that I mean- clearly dominates the bad teams, and beats some good teams. Schemes gel, the newbie coaches makes seasoned and effective gameplans, the players respond and we appear to have a solid team for the upcoming years.

    Alex and others would suggest that people are frenetic, panicking or over-reacting to the lack of direction and identity of the players, team and franchise. Posters like him have spent inordinate amounts of time mis-representing what other posters have stated and/or shifting the dialogue away from salient criticism. He has even resorted to maligning fans that disagree with him. It is trolling in its most disingenuine form. And it's not even humorous.

    I say this simply to defend/represent those members here who continue to have a genuine concern with the direction of the franchise. Personally, I'm OK disagreeing with folks like Alex. I'd like to be proven wrong and see our D scheme gel, Jake Locker become the franchise QB we'd expect at #8 draft position, and our offense to become a real scoring threat. I'd like to see these inexperienced coaches blast on to the scene and have us dominating quality opponents. I just don't see anything that REASONABLY suggests that likely.
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    Is it not a bigger loss to hire the WRONG coach? Some of the coaching hires this offseason were headscratchers and I don't see any WIN scenario if we go through another wrong staff resulting in another rebuild in 2015.

    I'd rather get the right coach next year then the wrong one now.

  10. Alex1939

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    If Bud signs Peyton then everyone would say he is the bestest owner and should live forever.

    Well, not if had lost at home to the Ravens. I'll actually take 6-10 over that scenario, just don't know that I can handle another home playoff Ravens loss.
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