"Is there a 'Titans Nation'?"

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by NewHorizans, May 6, 2013.

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    I'm nearly forty myself always wanted a team here in Tennessee and i've been watching NFL football since about '85 when the Dolphins played the 49ers in the Super Bowl and the first full season i got to witness the Chicago Bears trample every team in the league including New England 46-10 in the Super Bowl.The teams i chose to support then were the Steelers and Raiders and both sucked in the eighties long removed from their seventies heyday.

    It took many years but we finally got a team here in the late nineties and as soon as they became established as the Tennessee Titans in 1999 i became a fan.Sure i loved the Oilers especially the run n shoot/Warren Moon era but they were never my favorite.Many people talk about how they moved here from Houston and thats part of their heritage which i respect but i never became a fan until 1999 when they became the Tennessee Titans.

    The history is considered seperate to many people especially those living here in Tennessee/S. Kentucky/N. Alabama because most of these people are fans of the Tennessee Titans but there are also many fans from the Houston Oilers and they stayed fans with the move here.The 15th anniversary of the Tennessee Titans is this season and i think overall they've done a pretty good job.There have been lots of ups and downs but with a record of 125-99 so far and a super bowl appearance,the leagues best record twice and numerous playoff appearances we've had a pretty good fifteen years.

    As a diehard fan i hope the next fifteen years are very successful and we have great times ahead.
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  2. NewHorizans

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    I wasnt saying we need to kick all the non-Titans fans off. I was just asking what would making a fan of another team even take the time to visit let alone join a Titans site OR any forum of a team they aren't a fan of. Do you really have that much time you can be on this site plus ones of your favorite teams?? Not to mention Facebook, Fantasy Sports, ESPN, etc.

    You will NEVER catch me on ANY other NFL team forum but the Titans!
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  3. Titans Eternal

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    I agree with that when it is a moocow fan posting.
  4. steverife

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    As annoying as I find that whole Red Sox Nation crap, I hope there isn't a Titans Nation.
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    What does that mean? You like the Titans because we are smaller and not the standard? Guess I get it but I for one would like alittle more respect. ESPN skipped over even announcing one of our 3rd round picks on Fri night, there is a difference between a bunch of bandwagon fans liking the popular teams and the smaller teams getting forgotten
  7. steverife

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    Okay. So we've now declared Titans Nation. We are now a nation, united in supporting Titans football. We got shirts and bumper stickers and even coffee mugs. Now what?

    It doesn't even make any sense. Respect comes from success. If we all get matching t-shirts that say Titans Nation, ESPN still isn't going to spend 20 minutes on the 5-8 Titans versus the 2-11 Jags.
  8. RockyTop Fox

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    Sometimes I check up on other team's sites, but just to get info on our team and players. For example, when we got Pollard and Walker, I visited the Ravens and 9ers forums to see the reaction of their fans. They weren't too thrilled to lose them, so that makes me happy.
  9. GoT

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    back when I gave a crap I used too totally pizz off stoolerbois at squeelernation

    oh man they threatened too trace my IP and call out the local gaystoolers too ambush me and chit - lol

    stooped stoolers
  10. TitansWrath

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    Yeah, I am banned at orange mane. Com (broncos) and whatever sad sack forums the jags have, I forget the name. Turns out they don't like being called the l Los Angeles Faguars over there. Who knew?

    Trolling is the most fun you can have on the Internet that doesn't involve porn.

    Hell, I say we all make accounts at every team on the schedule this year's firm, and jihad them every game day. See if we can crash a forum. Lol. I bet Jeff would love that.
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