Is Rex Grossman the most successful QB from University of Florida?

Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by World Peace, Jan 1, 2010.

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    I see some Flutie in Tebow. Flutie wasn't your prototypical QB, but he was able to make it work. I think Tebow is bright enough to alter his game in a way that will reflect his success. Even in college he wasn't a great QB because of his arm. But he found ways to beat the competition. When he was in high school I saw him play a game where he bullied thru defenses, then thought he won't do that in college. But he did do it all throughout his career. Then in another game during his high school days I thought he seemed more like a linebacker playing offense than a QB. So even today people aren't sure where he might line up. And thats the thing with him, he's complicated. Defenses see him as a 3rd back in the backfield and not so much as a QB. Vince is a QB, when he scrambles he's still a QB. But when Tebow scrambles he's actually comparable to a RB. I wouldn't mind having a Tebow with Vince, except that it might become a distraction much like Vick is in Philly. Andy Reid and McNabb may like that, but we don't need that. I can see Tebow being anything from a Eli Manning to a Ronnie Brown X10.
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    If most scouts and GMs believe that he will not get drafted before the 5th rd if at all.

    That was the problem with Omar Jacobs who fell from early in rd 1 to the 5th and was cut by the steelers. They just couldn't see how to change his delivery or mechanics.

    In the arena league he plays in Jacobs is a monster winning the title and MVP with 56 TDs and 12 ints. His career college and arena TD to int ratio is insane(127 TDs-23 ints) but the nfl has no place for him.
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    If I recall correctly, Grossman never won a National Title or the Heisman. Tebow hasn't played in the Super Bowl, yet. Tebow will be the best when it's all said and done.
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