Is O-line shuffle ahead for Jacksonville?

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    Posted by's Paul Kuharsky After losing their two starting guards on opening day, the Jaguars have used both Milford Brown and Tutan Reyes at right guard while Uche Nwaneri has named left guard.
    "It's an opportunity for us to make a name for ourselves and to help the team get wins," Nwaneri said. "It's something we all look forward to, as a young player, you get that chance, you've just got to run with it. And I feel like this line is starting to jell really well."
    But when Jacksonville returns to action on Oct. 26 against Cleveland, the offensive line could be reshaped.
    Jack Del Rio said center Brad Meester (biceps) should be ready to return and that Chris Naeole could be in line for some time.
    Meester's return would also put his replacement, Dennis Norman, in the mix at guard.
    Odds are we'll know the lineup when we see it just before the team takes the field against the Browns.
    Reyes outplayed Brown last week in practice and got the starting nod, then he wound up playing the entire game instead of sharing time, Del Rio said.
    However it shapes up after the bye, the Jaguars can feel pretty good about how they patched things up and forged ahead.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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