Is Mariota making a grave mistake?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by JCBRAVE, May 23, 2018.

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  1. Ontario Titan

    Ontario Titan Pro Bowler

    Don't you need a brain to overthink?
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  2. 8MM

    8MM Special Teams Standout

    Why is there nothing out there in regards to how they feel about Marcus? I've noticed this from Jrob ever since he was hired but now it's the same with Vrabel. The only one out there and the most important one is AAS. The only conclusion is they don't want to bring more attention to him then anyone else on the team.

    Under appreciated for sure. If I was Marcus's agent, I would tell him to sign with another team.
  3. ICBW

    ICBW MILF Hunter

    this is dumb, but im not doing anything better this morning so why not reply.

    Eveeyone has already said they believe in Marcus as the future of this franchise. JRob said it last year and Vrabel said he’s looking foward to working with him this year. Marcus has done nothing to actually solidify his spot yet, granted he has played 32 out of 34 games the last 2 seasons improvement is still necessary in order for him to get that big contract his agent probably desires more than he does. Keep in mind most of the media knows this so they dont ask about Mariota. If anyone was to legitimately have any concern going into this year it would be Derrick Henry & maybe Ben Jones and QSpain.
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    JCBRAVE goTitans 2019 Survivor Champion

    just a few things:
    Marcus is the franchise QB (despite what you think you know from 2017) , get used to seeing him around

    Derrick Henry has nothing to be worried about, its normal to bring in a 2nd RB, every team has 2 RB's to lean on

    and just for fun; Marcus' agency reps a ton of big name NFL players, no one needs the money hes about to bring it, but of course will be happy to take 3% of the top
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  5. Mitch86

    Mitch86 Pro Bowler

    3% of 140+ million ain't a bad little pay day.
  6. SuperMariota

    SuperMariota Starter

    Won’t take him long to be a believer if he isn’t one and he may not be. I don’t think that’s the case for the GM. Marcus will run to his offense like a fine tuned engine. He needs to stay healthy and really think about wearing that knee brace.
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  7. GrayGhost1951

    GrayGhost1951 Starter

    Brady has more Super bowl rings than rushing TDs. M8 needs to stand and deliver. The run is fun to watch, but passing wins games.
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  8. JR1980

    JR1980 Pro Bowler

    Exactly why I’m not a huge fan of running QB’s ghost. The list of pure passers winning is huge. I’m curious as to how Luke Falk will do for us. I don’t have high expectations, but he has instinct, and that can go a long way vs say, a strong cannon of an arm.
  9. MrBean

    MrBean Master of Not Much

    Like Falk will most likely never see the field other than preseason.
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