Is JRob officially on the hot seat?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Thanos22, May 1, 2021.

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    Easy mark. Circled the wagon on previous topics and at least a couple pages worth of “how stupid is this thread”.

    Ftr, every post asking that deserves a bullseye.
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    Goldblum got into a street fight
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    It's the offseason.
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    Didn't even take off his glasses. 'bout to get his azz kicked. everybody knows to take off your glasses.
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    The Fly uses the glasses to draw them in, then counter strikes
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    Thread hijacking taking place
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    Something to think about. JRob made a nice pick when he drafted Jonnu Smith in the 3rd round. Smith was the 12th rated TE per PFF. But JRob also brought in Firkser who had only 2 less catches than Smith (by far Smith's most productive year) in far fewer snaps and also had an identical run blocking rating. He ranked #7 overall. Yet we have pinheads thinking we better find another TE? The Pats are paying Smith $12.5 mil a year.

    Where fans get caught up on an occasional draft miss they forget to see the gems as UDFAs or late round picks. Jayon Brown, a 5th round pick is another one. David Long was a 6th round pick. In fact 4 of the 6 picks in 2019 are now starters and a 5th, Long, has started and is a solid backup. 2 players in that draft class are all-pro caliber players.

    And yea, JRob did take a dud, Dodd, in the 2nd round in 2016. In the same draft he took another 2nd rounder named Derrick Henry. He took Byard in the 3rd and of course Conklin in the 1st.

    He gave up a 4th round (2020) pick to acquire Tannehill. Fans think that was a dud draft because of the Wilson pick but Fulton, Evans and Murshison can still be a solid draft.

    Even the 2017 draft was solid with Davis, Jackson, Smith, Brown coming out of that draft. The kid in the 5th round might be the best pick of the bunch IMO. Can anyone deny Smith and Davis aren't good picks since both signed contracts that pay them $12.5 mil a year? Adoree Jackson signed a $13 mil a year contract.
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    If some other team gets Julio, and does not have to give up much, do opinions change here?

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    Why do we need Julio? We drafted Fitzpatrick and McMath AND signed Fred "don't call me AJ" Brown
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