Is it time for a new team?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by OhioStomper, Dec 25, 2012.

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    The problem with this organization is we have no leadership. From the top to down to the field not one person has stepped up and taken over. Bud Adams is just an old senile guy that still insists on running the team, the rest of our front office haven't made one big splash in an off season outside a run at Manning that they didn't even want to do in the first place, Munchak would prefer to sit on his hands rather than actually do something, and not one player on this team I would consider a captain. Locker was going to be the guy but I feel like Hass's presence and an early injury to the season kind of killed that momentum for the season and on defense you have McCarthy but it's hard to lead from the side lines.

    This is why someone needs to take over our operations and actually give direction for this franchise. We need to bring in some veterans that know what it takes and know how to get back to winning football and we need to draft players that are not only talented but have the intangibles and talent to take over games and locker rooms. If you give this franchise a GM not afraid to take a little risk, a coaching staff that's actually qualified and can develop our players (especially Locker) a couple good veterans on this really young team, and a guy like Te'o in the 1st round then I guarantee we're in the playoffs in 2 years or less.
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    That's why we need a strong minded, active, head coach. Someone to bring the leadership.
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    I see the same fear in your eyes that would take the heart of me. A day may come when the courage of Titan fans fails., when we forsake our team, and I stop quoting Lord of the Rings
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    If you only follow winning teams, why be a Titans fan in the first place? I couldn't jump ship on team, but I can stop watching football until playoff time.

    But this organization sucks, and I can't blame fans for not wanting to show up to games.

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    Bud needs to pass the torch, Webster needs to stop drafting safe players and get a difference maker, and Munchak needs to go camping for 5 months.
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