Is CJ The Best You've Ever Seen

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by ColtKiller, Sep 16, 2010.

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  1. CRUDS

    CRUDS Moderator Staff

    I just want to hear more about the "promise" land...
  2. ColtKiller

    ColtKiller Starter

    He does things no other back has ever done.
  3. Alex1939

    Alex1939 Space Invaders Champion


    I agree and that's why I'd say he's the best ever. But obviously he has to continue being such a playmaker for several more years to truly be the best ever.
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  4. TorontoTitanFan

    TorontoTitanFan Pro Bowler

    There is absolutely no basis for the argument that Johnson's career will be shortened by injuries. I keep reading that.

    People keep saying that he gets tackled by bigger guys on a lot of his carries, so he's inevitably going to get hurt.

    News flash: every single running back in NFL history (except maybe Christian Okoye) got tackled by bigger defensive players on the vast majority of his carries.

    And here's the kicker: no matter how many times a few of you guys say the opposite, Johnson is excellent at not taking a big, direct hit. He is usually tackled from the side, which carries much less risk of injury than head-on hits or getting dragged down from behind (something that pretty much never happens to Johnson). He takes a few hits head-on (every RB does), but he usually absorbs them the right way.

    I would argue that Johnson's small but relatively strong body frame is ideal for not getting hurt. He is not a Darren Sproles-type guy. Not even a lanky Darren McFadden-type. Johnson's 200 pounds are well-distributed and his muscle mass appears to be ideal for durability. Bigger guys (Brandon Jacobs, etc.) almost always have knee injuries. When was the last time Johnson missed a game due to injury? Correct me if I'm wrong, but he played the entire 2009 season without ever really appearing on the injury report (he may have had a few very minor nicks and scratches that I have forgotten).

    Chris Johnson's body will break down at some point. It happens to every single player who has every played the game. He could rip up his knee on a freak play. He could get intentionally injured by those f'ing Ravens. Heck, every single NFL player's career could end on any given play.

    That said, I don't think there's any evidence to suggest that Johnson's running style will accelerate the process of his body breaking down. In fact, as I have shown, I think there is evidence that his running style will extend his career. As long as he can avoid the flukey injuries, I think he has many more years of top-level production ahead of him.
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  5. Deuce Wayne


    Only Titans fans are putting this guy as the top RB of the past 2 seasons, much less EVER... so I take it with a grain of salt.

    If CJ ever gets a knee injury- he'll suck. And yes, I mean suck as an RB. Without his speed... he's pretty much useless.

    Whereas guys like AP can come back from knee problems, not be as fast, but the rest of their game balances it out.

    He's the Desean Jackson of RBs. Eagles fans LOVE him too, but if you think ANYONE thinks he's the greatest WR ever... uhhhh.... lol

    I love CJ. I just see him for what he is. And I see how quickly he's going to go... just as fast as he blew up. Just hope he can last for a couple more years, at least.

    At this point- CJ is like Bo Jackson, to me. We'll see what happens...
  6. Deuce Wayne


  7. A Fightin'Titan

    A Fightin'Titan Starter

    When Desean starts breaking Jerry Rice records that conversation may come up.

    I think everyone is in agreement here. With what we've seen he can be the best to ever play the game but he'll need to do it for a number of years to come. Barring injury he will be the best ever. And injury could affect any player so that's out the window.

    Who's style is more likely to produce injury? AP's or CJ's? I say AP's.

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  8. Deuce Wayne


    AP's style is more likely for injury, but CJ's size is more likely for injury.

    And didn't Desean just break the NFL record for most plays over 50 yards in 1 season?

    CJ doesn't hold any records himself other than the APY record (with more games than the past record holder), keep that in mind. He hasn't broken any important rushing records yet.

    And I do think he COULD be the best ever, but then again- everyone thought LT was going to be the best ever just 3 seasons ago. Ray Rice COULD end up being the best ever... we can't say 3 years in to anyone's career.
  9. TitanJeff

    TitanJeff Kahuna Grande Staff

    Look. You can't say CJ is the greatest because he hasn't been doing it long enough. But let's give him some credit.

    Barry Sanders had one season in his career he rushed for over 2000. He averaged 1,387 yards rushing his first two seasons and 13 1/2 TDs. Sanders had 480 yards receiving (3 TDs) in his second season which was his best.

    Walter Payton never had 1,900 yards and averaged 1,034 in his first two seasons and 10 TDs. He didn't have over 200 yards receiving in either of his first two seasons and recorded no TDs.

    The great Jim Brown's averaged just over 100 yards per game his first two seasons though averaged over one TD a game. His best receiving season was 138 yards and one TD.

    Chris Johnson has averaged 1,617 yards his first two seasons and 12 TDs rushing. He's averaged 380 yards receiving with another 1.5 TDs.

    I haven't spent a lot of time looking at the best RBs but only found one RB with a better first two seasons. Dickerson recorded seasons of 2,212 and 2,244 in yards from scrimmage his first two seasons and averaged 17 TDs. Amazing.

    Time will tell but, if he continues to average the production he's had the first two seasons for the next six, then he'll have to be considered the best.
  10. titanbuoy

    titanbuoy medium rare ®

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