Is CJ no longer our lead back ???

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by lilkhmerkid4u, Oct 30, 2013.

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    didn't they just say greens gonna get more carries than he has....which wont be hard considering he has like 5 carries all year
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    This is more of the type of misinformation that drives me nuts. Bust out the play-by-play logs and compare them game to game. I think most people will be surprised how this phenomenon is isolated strictly to CJ. Its easy to just pull out numbers to push an agenda. AP has mutiple runs per game that go for a loss, or just a couple yards. EVERY running back in the league goes through those gains (e.g., 4, 0, 3, 2, 15, 4, etc.) throughout the course of a game.
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    CJ epitomizes that type of RB though. He used to not be that way, but really ever since 2011 this is how it's been. 80% of his carries are for 2 yards or less.

    And there hasn't even been a long run by CJ this season. His longest is 23... and in most games his long fails to reach past 8 or 9 yards. That's fine if you're a bruiser back who consistently falls forward and gets 3-4 yards each carry, but CJ is a back who needs to bust out long runs every few carries. Otherwise, he's useless.

    CJ doesn't have much to work with this year because the line is awful, but he just doesn't have that 4.24 speed anymore. Not even close... which is exactly what I said would happen after a few seasons. I didn't want us to pay him. I didn't even want him after the 2k yard season. I wanted us to take advantage of his value and trade him to either the Eagles for LeSean McCoy or the Raiders for a million draft picks because Al Davis was alive and building his team to be fast and nothing more. Dude probably would've given us a Ditka'esque trade for CJ.

    CJ was never built to last in this league. He's a finesse runner who relies solely on speed. You can say "well Barry Sanders was that way blah blah blah" but Barry Sanders is a legendary stud who no one should be compared to. I honestly wasn't a fan of the pick when we took him in 2008, but my other choices weren't gonna be any better and I'm glad we took him because he was a huge part in that 10-0 season and he made for some entertaining games. It was fun while it lasted, CJ, but your time is up, dawg.
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    Anyone who doesn't think he has his speed anymore is crazy.

    On that screen pass against the 49ers, he just straight up got separation from Carlos Rogers when he was maybe a yard away from him who runs a 4.4 forty.

    Even IF he did lose a step, he is still faster than 99% of the people in the league.
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    What sucks is that CJ was looking REAL good against the 9ers....

    I really feel Schwenke made a huge difference for him...

    i mean he was running as hard as i've ever seen him, he was making quick decisions and players miss - just overall playing really well. I know it was a very short amount of carries that he got, but that was definitely CJ2K out there.

    While I've been preaching for Greene, after the 9er game, if he's gonna play like that, then please give him a bit more time. I'd still like to keep it at 70/30.

    (Unless he starts sucking early, then yeah make it 50/50 lol)
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    I think coaching wise they are back to the start of the season.
    By that I mean they have the unit they expected all along.
    CJ is lead. Greene is there for short yardage, goal line, give CJ a break, and smash on the D.
    Locker has some areas to improve and they expect he will.
    WR corp is solid and will aid the run game.
    OL is restructered. It has some growing to do, but expected to "gel" and become solid.
    D is solid and should hold us in games.
    Returner is a unknown, but let's cross our fingers.

    The big difference between now and then.
    Locker has proved himself. Still has some growing, but he is "The General" and can lead the O in the clutch.
    O line is restructured again. I think there is more confidence in this line without Turner.
    The D has proven they are solid.
    WR corp's weakest link is exposed and riding the bench.
    Returner is a wildcard, but at least he has a brain bigger than a goldfish.

    The next 2 games will show if this the team is what we expect, know, hope they are.
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    The next Titans "lead" running back isn't on the roster yet. It isn't CJ and it isn't Greene. I expect they'll split carries until the season ends and CJ is cut. But Greene isn't a feature back.

    This team will be spending a 1st-4th round pick on a RB next spring.
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    About time.
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    Problem is CJ isn't scoring breakaway TDs rushing the ball. Your starting RB needs to be able to RUN effectively first and foremost. Two receiving touchdowns in 7 games doesn't excuse or make up for his lack of production in the run game.

    Not saying his poor production is 100% his fault by any means. We all know the OL has been terrible. But that's just all the more reason to go to a more physical "grind it our" type back.
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