Irsay Tweets "This day of MONSTER TRADE..." (Richardson to Colts)

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by titanbuoy, Sep 18, 2013.

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    Yea... I bet those idiots would take Britt and a 2nd for Haden in a heartbeat. But I don't think we are proactive enough to at least try these things out.
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    Yep. While I think the Browns got the better end of this deal, Colts fans have to at least feel good about the fact that their FO is swinging for the fences. They're trying to give Andrew Luck everything he needs to be successful and lead this team into the playoffs.
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    True. I do think he's better than Ballard. he may be better than Bradshaw when he
    s healthy too. A 1st is pricey for Richardson though imo.
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    Trying to out tank the Jaguars I see...
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    Yeah, most likely they overpaid. BUT if you honestly believe he might be the missing piece to taking the division then it's a worthwhile gamble IMO. I feel like a lot of people are sleeping on the Colts. They concern me every bit as much as the Texans. I think too much is being put into their loss to the Dolphins. It's looking like the Dolphins might be legit this year.

    Suddenly, the AFC South is a strong division again. Whodathunkit?
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    I think this is good short term, but not long term. Rarely is a RB worth a 1st rounder, its just not a high value position anymore. The only RB I'd trade a 1st rounder for would be Peterson. Trent had almost as much hype as AP coming out of university, but since then the comparisons have stopped.
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    A massive part of the problem for Richardson was that he was playing for the Browns. 9 in the box all day long.

    Now in Indy he will face 7 in the box and no more than 8. This makes their passing game better, their running game better, and their defense better because more drives will be sustained, and many of those drives will run down the clock and wear defenses down.

    I wouldn't trade a 1st rounder for a RB, but I can definitely see why the Colts did it.

    Richardson makes them better in every aspect. I hope I am wrong about this. At least they won't be beating the Niners this weekend either way.

    As for the effect this has on FF... I think it just put Richardson's value through the roof. Just my opinion. Some have the opposite opinion on the matter, but I know the Colts get in the redzone/goal line A LOT. Richardson will be a TD machine for them. But it pretty much makes Bradshaw's value useless, which is a shame because I was going to pull off a trade packaging Bradshaw and two other good WRs for one elite WR. Would've worked. Now there's no way.
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    Haha no I'm in PA. I go to IUP its about an hour outside of Pittsburgh and everyone is Steelers fans, made week 1 that much sweeter watching my roomates cry.
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    Hey who has Trent in our money league RSB?
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    How popular was Akwasi Owusu-Ansah when he was over at IUP?