Irsay in Jail

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    second chance?

    but only because he got busted?

    People that are close to him have been asking him to get help for years. The man knows right from wrong just as anyone else does and should do the time as anyone else would. My brother is in the same situation. 21 years old just got popped for his second DUI, he was warned he was going to get caught the first time around and the second time around but didn't care. He didn't give a **** that his actions could have gotten an innocent by stander killed. He only cared about what felt good to him. My brother has asked me for help with this and I told him no. I probably could have pulled the right strings but do the crime serve the time. If he had gotten away with it, he would never stop doing it.Now he is facing a few months in jail and rightfully so.

    I bet you would feel differently about it if someone you loved was killed as a result of his actions. DUI offenders are given entirely too much leniency in this country.
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    I dont know about DUI getting off so easy

    But I definatly agree pill heads are rarely ever caught. Old folks drive around high as a kite all the time. I mean its prescription medication, but still they are stoned out of their minds
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    Jim Irsay deserves a second chance.

    CJ ran for only 3.9 ypc last year though, I think he should get the death penalty.
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    couldnt hang him cause :cj: only falls 3 feet
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