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  1. Alzarius

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    Croom will vouch for CJ imo.

    Who knows what Ken will do but I dont think he will be in a rush to cut CJ.
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    I think C.J. will be one of those we're not cutting C.J. talks to the media, but secretly dealing him under the table to different teams. I know the Titans don't want to cut him and I just don't see any other team that will be willing to pay him what he "thinks" he is worth. I believe in the end he will restructure in fear of not getting anywhere near his wanting price.
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    Great, Cj is so annoying we'll end up stuck with him.

    Maybe he'll run better is Whiz puts a blow torch to his ass, and he tries to escape, bet he'd be finding plenty of gaps then. Somebody should put Icy hot in his deoderant.
  4. TitansWillWin2

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    If we cut CJ and Locker is our starter this season. 5-11 is highly probable. For all of yall who want CJ to be cut, just expect to have a big down season next year.
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    Depends on who they replace him with and how well the new offense runs as a whole. If we have a capable back, and the passing game and run blocking are better, we could win a lot of games. I hoghly doubt we find a RB who's remotely close talent wise, but there are RB's that outperform CJ with less talent due to the offense they're in. I'd love to see CJ flourish under Whisenhunt's offense, but I'm so f*cking sick of all the CJ hate and fighting amongst Titans fans over it, that I'd be cool if we cut him and brought a solid replacement. If I were CJ, I'd be intrigued by the new offense, but wouldn't want to stay where so many fans hate me. We'll see. If the Titans want him, and CJ believes he will explode production-wise next year, he may want to stay and show those fans that they were wrong about him being the problem.
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    Valid points, but lets be honest, CJ has said he was going to explode EVERY season since his 2 good ones and uh, yeah..He has been on the decline. Some his fault, and some not. Either way, the Titans need to figure out what they are going to do with him. I am more interested in the QB and OL situation to be honest.
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    I don't understand the argument that CJ is "supremely talented". Talented at what? Being undersized?

    The best things he has had going for him have been his speed and his ability to find the hole. The latter has become a weakness, and his speed has declined. Or atleast his acceleration. I saw LBs beat him to the edge multiple times this year.

    The guy isn't anymore of a freak athlete than the rest of the folks at a position.
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    I hope to hell that we keep CJ because he deserves a shot to play for a capable offensive coach again. Even though Heimerdinger (RIP) wasn't an overly creative OC he knew how to use CJ. Palmer and Loggains simply did not. And if we continue to work to improve the OL play then it's not too far-fetched to think that CJ will also play much better.
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    LOL - because The Titans win so much because of CJ?
    This team cannot sustain drives. CJ is big part of that problem.
    CJ could rack up 300y for the season and the nut swingers here would still be saying he was critical..
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    No not at all. He is the defenses main focus every game. Take him away and Locker will be a sitting duck.