Interview: 2006 Hall of Fame Inductee Warren Moon

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    SUMMARY: Prior to the 1978 NFL Draft, some NFL scouts suggested that since University of Washington quarterback Warren Moon had played in a rollout rather than a drop-back passing offense, he would be a mid-round pick. Others speculated that since only one African American quarterback, James Harris, had achieved any measurable success in the NFL, Moon would have to play some other position. Regardless of which misguided reason motivated NFL scouts, Moon remained confident of his abilities and opted to sign with the Edmonton Eskimos of the Canadian Football League. He went on to lead the Eskimos to an unprecedented five consecutive Grey Cup victories.

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  2. jdee

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    What a class act Warren Moon was for the Houston Oilers. It was unfortunate that we could not get to the super bowl in the old 'run and shoot' days. There were some great teams back then.

  3. Childress79

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    I agree he truly was & is a class act. He's a good commentator too. Catch him on Seattle's radio broadcast on nfl fieldpass.

    The 93' team that he said was one of the best he'd played on started 1 & 4 before going on to win 11 straight. The 17-18 loss to the Chargers was the first time he got benched (midway through the game).

    He responded in the last quarter by coming off it to throw a TD to Haywood Jeffries. It was called back because Jeffries was judged to have stepped out of bounds. The replay on the big screen clearly showed he'd stayed in bounds. Replay wasn't part of the game in that year. Moon and the team were robbed of the victory & a 13-3 record.
  4. asus64

    asus64 Camp Fodder

    Warren Moon is one of my favorite players of all time, though I was very disapointed in the game vs. Buffalo halfway trhough the fourth quarter when the Oilers still had the lead and Moon looked defeated on the bench. I guess it is hard to really know what´s in a players head at a time like that.:hmm:
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