Interesting Kendall Wright stat....

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    I think it's naive to think that all he can do is "catch dink passes and screens". IMO three games isn't a large enough sampling to draw any real conclusions from. Especially considering in two of those games the offense as a whole has been incredibly inept. Plus, as you said, he's just a rookie. He will only get better. Aside from Locker, he's the offensive player whose future I'm most excited about.

    Even if he doesn't ever develop into a serious deep threat, I'm fine with that. That's what we have Washington and Britt for (when they're healthy). He could still have a very, very good career as a possession/YAC guy.
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    KW needs to let his blocks develop SLIGHTLY longer. Every screen he catches the ball, and goes. If he'd wait a second or two, he'd have better holes. There was one play vs. DET where he coulda broke a big one, instead got like a 5 yard gain. Had Kenny in front of him, went to soon and ran into the CB.

    KW will get his big plays, but I want to see him downfield... He's got speed, send em deep. Were trying to use him in screens and short stuff. Stretch the field with him every now and then.
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    And to be fair, we haven't had anything near a competent qb game until this Sunday. As long as KW catches what is thrown to him, I'm ok with that. Washington is a great deep threat. Britt is very consistent when he's not suspended or hurt.

    Very happy with cook and Stevens. Taylor Thompson is showing a hint of promise too.

    The wr corps is the least of our concerns, IMO. I think our group had shown that if they have a qb who will give them a chance, they will succeed.

    I really hope we air it out for the rest of the year.

    We need it if we hope to put up the necessary ~40 points per game to win.

    Still on a high from Sunday, but there's no way we Would have been in the game if not for reynaud, verner, and Campbell. You can't count on 3 extra TDs every week. I hope we don't come crashing to earth again this week. air it out and screw it if something goes wrong! What have we got to lose? Barring a miracle, we aren't going to the playoffs. May as well give us some exciting play!!
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    I can't believe RT is trying to bash KW. KW has made some good plays for this offense, and I'm very pleased with what he has done for this team so far.

    I'm guessing you're looking for that 2009 CJ type big play out of him, huh?

    No worries on my behalf at all.
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    I'm not concerned with KW, he's a rookie that is already making his presence known and makes the catch when it comes his way. If we had a running game and Britt was 100% they would surely use him differently and I'm sure as he gets more experience and in the future when we have a run game again he will be a major weapon for us. To start dogging him after three games is just plain stupid if you ask me. Have some patience and give the kid a chance to develop and grow into his role.
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    Right now Kendall Wright is projected to have 75 catches, 544 yards, & 5 TDs.

    I'd be happy with that projection. But if KW had 75 catches, he should be up towards 1000 yards.

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    Our passing game will be good so long as we don't expect any help on the ground.

    When we want to run and can't, that kills everything. But if we abandon it all together we'll use short passes to draw guys in so we can later beat em deep.

    Kendall Wright is basically our running game, thats why his averages are low right now.
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    The way I see it, the Titans are using Wright for quick sideline passes to keep DLs honest and attempt to give him the ball in space. The goal is for him to shake the first tackler and make something happen. Think of it as a run play designed to pick up 4-5 yards. Palmer used it a lot early in the Lions game and it was pretty effective. It also is a confidence builder for Locker.

    As easy as it seems, Locker isn't as accurate as he needs to be some of those throws. He made a couple of them high or they floated and it has to get to Wright faster for it to be effective. Timing is everything so I don't blame KW for a lot of those that don't make much.
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    He has only played in 3 games. If anything I have been impressed that he was able to break the starting lineup and hasn't looked out of place out there. WR is a position that can take awhile to learn and get good at. Most WRs really need about 2 years or so to really breakout. The fact that this was even brought up 3 games into his rookie season is just stupid.
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    Locker still has problems getting the ball down on those WR screens, which, so far, has been Wright primary function.