Interesting interview with Jerry Gray.

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Kaeotik, Sep 10, 2013.

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    Pitoitua really seemed like he took more than 19 snaps Sunday. It seemed like every down he played something good happened.
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    He's just a big dude. I thought since he'd been cut he was just going to be big and soft but he's a big mean looking son of a beach. On the play where Pouncy went down him and Casey had their whole left side in the backfield. Was crazy.
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    Yeah, I was gonna bring one of those points up about how Williams has 'influenced' this years D. I saw us in the pre-season do this and it harkens back to when Williams was out DC and philosophically comes from Buddy Ryan's 46 D. Typically, when LB's have a man (say a RB) and he stays in to block, they drop into coverage. Now we are letting them roll and with our speed at LB, we are getting a lot of pressure doing this...especially with a Casey stunting inside!

    We did it to the Steelers and we will likely do it to the Texans. One caveat that sometimes got us when we did this before is that sometimes the LB gets so juiced about getting the QB that you can sometimes get very effective screen passes out of it. Pitt tried this and we did a good job against it. We will have to be careful with Texans' rb's leaking out.

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