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    Posted by's Paul Kuharsky Thanks to Jason Paradise of ESPN Stats & Analysis for this quality information out of the Titans 19-16 overtime win over Green Bay Sunday.

    More good evidence about Haynesworth...

    When Titans defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth was in the game, the Packers' rushing game was not as effective.

    Albert Haynesworth: By the Numbers Haynesworth in Haynesworth outAtt 17 5Yds 63 28Yds/Att 3.7 5.6 Running well up the middle...

    Chris Johnson and LenDale White were at their best going up the middle, as shown by the seven first downs on 16 attempts. The 81 yards to the left were helped by White's 54-yard run in the second quarter.

    Running Up the Middle LeftMiddleRightAtt 8 16 8 1st Downs 2 7 0 Yds *81 65 19 Yds/Att 10.1 4.1 2.4 TD 0 1 0 * includes 54-yarder by White Collins takes what he can get...

    The Packers rarely blitzed and forced Titans quarterback Kerry Collins to throw underneath. Collins completed only 48.6 percent of his passes, the lowest for a Titans quarterback this season.

    Collins' statistics based on number of Packers pass rushers:

    Collins Under Pressure 4 Rushers5+ RushersCmp-Att 15-28 3-9Yds 145 35Yds/Att 5.2 3.9Sacks 0 2* The Packers sacked Collins twice, which is the same number of sacks the Titans had given up all year. But both sacks came on the same drive and were not on third down. Avoiding Harris and Woodson...

    The Titans didn't complete a pass when throwing at Al Harris, who played for the first time in five games (spleen). They had some success going after Charles Woodson but did the bulk of their damage in the passing game when they stayed away from those two corners.

    Staying Away From the Stars HarrisWoodsonOthersCmp 0 4 14Att 5 7 25Cmp% 0% 57% 56%Yds 0 36 144Defended 1 0 5

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