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    Linebacker Morlon Greenwood (fibula) and defensive tackle Amobi Okoye (ankle) are doubtful.

    DelJuan Robinson will start for Okoye with Frank Okam possibly getting some time in the rotation.

    Rookie Xavier Adibi will plug in for Greenwood.


    Cornerback Kelvin Hayden (hamstring), safety Bob Sanders (knee) and reserve tight end Tom Santi (shoulder) did not practice Friday and are questionable.

    Tony Dungy has indicated Hayden likely needs one more week, and Keiwan Ratliff has been working as the second starting corner opposite Tim Jennings. Sanders rested Wednesday, practiced Thursday and then did not work Friday, when a knee injury was added to the report.


    Defensive tackle Jason Jones (foot) is out.

    Linebacker Keith Bulluck (chest) did not practice all week but is questionable and will play.

    Defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch (groin) and receiver Justin McCareins (concussion) are questionable and probably do not play. Dave Ball would start for Vanden Bosch with Jacob Ford also seeing time. Brandon Jones would start for McCareins with Lavelle Hawkins seeing some action.


    Defensive tackle John Henderson (knee) is out for the second week in a row, with Tony McDaniel in line to start for him again.

    Daryl Smith will start at middle linebacker with Mike Peterson demoted to reserve status. Clint Ingram will start outside along with Justin Durant (probable, rib).

    Wide receiver Matt Jones (thigh) is questionable after he was limited Thursday and out Friday. Jerry Porter would likely start in his place with Dennis Northcutt and maybe Mike Walker getting additional work.

    Fullback Greg Jones (ankle) is questionable after missing Wednesday and Thursday and being limited on Friday. The expectation is he will play. If he doesn't, they'll play less two-back with excellent special teamer Montell Owens at fullback.

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