Injury report: Gerald McRath out for season

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    Safety Jordan Babineaux did not play against the Buccaneers because of a sore shoulder, but he’s expected to return to practice this week and play in Thursday’s preseason game against the Cardinals. He “should be fine for this game,” coach Mike Munchak said.

    Fullback Collin Mooney (knee) and linebacker Patrick Bailey (knee), both injured on Friday, could practice this week along with tight end Brandon Barden (hamstring), who missed the first two preseason games.

    Defensive end Dave Ball (concussion), cornerback Terrence Wheatley (hamstring) and linebacker Gerald McRath (knee) won’t practice or play this week, Munchak said. McRath might need arthroscopic surgery.

    Tackle Mike Otto is expected to miss 3-4 weeks following surgery on his right ring finger.

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    McRath may lose out to Zac Diles, unless he was showing real promise late last season and all offseason.
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    With hopes of playing this season, Titans linebacker Gerald McRath oftentimes ignored soreness in his left knee, and played through it when the pain was manageable.

    McRath and the Titans ultimately decided enough was enough. The fourth-year linebacker will undergo surgery to repair a partially torn patella tendon, and be placed on Injured Reserve.

    As a result, his 2012 season is over before it even started.

    “It comes to pain tolerance in a sense, what you are willing to take,’’ McRath said on Sunday. “At first it wasn’t really that bad, it was something I could get through. I wanted to be at my best, but I couldn’t. … It is one of those things where it was not a decision at all. … I still have a positive mindset.”

    McRath, a fourth round draft pick in 2009, played in 40 games from 2009-2011, with 12 starts. He participated in offseason practices and played in the preseason opener at Seattle. McRath said the knee began giving him more trouble after playing on the “hard” fields in Dalton, Ga., where the Titans practiced against the Falcons.

    McRath didn’t make the trip to Tampa Bay for preseason game No.2. With an expiring contract, his playing days with the Titans could be over. Because of depth at the position, there was no guarantee McRath would make the team in 2012.

    “It was no particular act, it was just the act of playing football and being on the ground and the change of direction with people pushing on you, and I think it finally caught up with him,’’ Coach Mike Munchak said.

    “It is very disappointing for him. He has worked hard this offseason. It just got to the point where he felt it wasn’t getting better and he opted to go forward, which he is doing.”

    Source: Titans Insider
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    Zac Diles, welcome to the Titans.
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    GL where ever he goes next
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    He would of been cut anyways. I once though McRath was our next Bulluck. Silly me.
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    McRath out for the year???

    Wow, what a sad story.
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    It's a shame, because like someone else said, he's probably not going to make the team anymore. I wish him the best of luck and hope he lands somewhere else.
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    Cheaters never win.

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    Damn, I liked McRath, this sucks for him. Decent back-up LB, he'll find work next year, he's a young athletic LB with ideal size.