Injury interpretation: Week 7

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    Posted by's Paul Kuharsky
    Houston Texans
    Running back Chris Taylor was put on IR to make room for the Texans to activate cornerback Dunta Robinson from PUP. Taylor is the second running back the Texans expected to contribute this season to land on IR, joining Chris Brown. Taylor missed the last two games with a quad injury. An undrafted rookie who played in four games in 1006, he missed all of 2007 with a knee injury.
    Reserve safety Dominique Barber (hamstring) will miss his second game in a row.
    Left tackle Duane Brown (ankle), tight end Mark Bruener (hamstring) and running back Ahman Green (foot) are all probable.
    Detroit only had cornerback Leigh Bodden (knee) and defensive tackle Chuck Darby (calf) sit out Friday. Bodden probably plays but could be replaced by Keith Smith or Brian Kelly situationally. Darby would be replaced in the starting lineup by Shaun Cody.
    Indianapolis Colts
    Blocking tight end Gijon Robinson (ankle) is doubtful and his absence will have a bearing on both pass protection and run blocking. Joseph Addai, reportedly out for two to four weeks with a hamstring tear but listed as questionable by the team, is better in pass protection than his replacement Dominic Rhodes. If the Colts are without both Addai and Robinson, it will hurt.
    Two rookies would be in line for more work if Robinson is out. Tom Santi has more experience so far than Jacob Tamme.
    Linebacker Freddy Keiaho (groin) is questionable. Tyjuan Hagler is expected to be activated for the game and would take over for Clint Session. If Keiaho can't go, odds are Session would remain in the lineup.
    Green Bay lists safety Atari Bigby (hamstring), defensive end Jason Hunter (hamstring), receiver James Jones (knee) and defensive end Michael Montgomery (ankle) as doubtful and none of them are expected to play with Aaron Rouse in line to replace Bigby. Defensive tackle Ryan Pickett (triceps) and center Scott Wells (shoulder/chest) are questionable but both should play.
    Tennessee Titans
    The Titans have two injured receivers and two injured defensive linemen who are issues heading into Sunday at Kansas City. They are all listed as questionable.
    It seems like end Kyle Vanden Bosch (groin) and tackle Tony Brown (ankle) will play, though Jason Jones could start ahead of Brown helping to limit his snaps.
    The receivers seem to be in more jeopardy, Justin Gage with a knee and Justin McCareins with hamstring.
    Brandon Jones is third in line, Chris Davis fourth and Lavelle Hawkins fifth. But it sounds like Hawkins would be the second option behind Jones outside in that bunch, with Davis exclusively in the slot.
    Kansas City didn't list anybody worse than questionable and only tight end J.P. Foschi (foot) missed any of Friday's practice - he was limited.

  2. onetontitan

    onetontitan Marioto

    We all know what we'll do offensively against the Chiefs...RUN, RUN, RUN. If we get into those 3rd down situations, expect to see a lot more of Bo Scaife and Alge Crumpler. Brandon Jones can handle his own but i'm a little worried about Chris Davis and Paul Williams. Levelle will probably be a non factor because if his experience level. Should be interesting.

    Hopefully, CJ and Lendale will run all over the Chiefs so we don't have to throw very often. I'm also very comfortable in Jason Jones starting over Tony Brown. I want to rest KVB for MNF.

    Bottom line: even if we have to lose this game (which seems highly unlikely) lets get our starters ready for the Colts. We may not have the prettiest game offensively, but when have we ever? haha. Gage and JMAC NEED to stay out, KVB and Tony Brown need to limit their snaps. Lets try to get it done with backups and hopefully we'll come out victorious.
  3. Bobo

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    It'll be a bit sad if Paul Williams still doesn't get reps if we are w/o Gage and JMac. I guess it's fair to say everyone is more interested in seeing the Hawk now. I'd be even a bit interested to see Davis get more reps. He's a shifty lil bastid.

    I wonder if they'd try Hayes some inside. I'd like to see more reps outside, but he seems pretty stout and maybe he could fit inside in nickle pass rushing situations. Almost like the Justin Tuck role many of us thought Jason Jones could or would do.
  4. jessestylex

    jessestylex DeadGirlsCantSayNo

    i think i said this back in week 3 and 5.... im really tired of Gage being a wuss.

    he isnt worth the money we payed him if he can only play 2 out of 6 games. After he recovers from his knee problem he better not get hurt again, or i think Fisher will have to make a change.
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