Injury interpretation: Week 4

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    Injury interpretation as Week 4 games approach:
    Houston Texans
    RB Ahman Green (foot) was a limited participant in Friday's practice and is questionable. Steve Slaton is the starter and Gary Kubiak said the question about Green is whether he's dressed as the third back behind Slaton and Chris Taylor.
    TE Mark Bruner (hamstring) and safety Brandon Harrison (shoulder) are out. Bruner will miss his second game in a row while Joel Dreessen gets his work. Harrison is a third-string safety and special teamer.
    DT Travis Johnson (knee) was a full participant in all three practices this week and is probable, but Jeff Zgonina will still start ahead of Johnson.
    Jacksonville Jaguars
    FS Reggie Nelson (knee bruise) is out, a development that hurts the Jaguars' secondary. Gerald Sensabaugh, who plays safety in the nickel package, will start. Brian Williams could remain at the other safety spot rather than moving to nickel, with Will James coming in as the third corner. James gave up a crucial fourth down conversion to Marvin Harrison last week. (The alternative would be Williams to nickel and veteran safety Pierson Prioleau in.)
    This is a bad development. The Jaguars have failed to pressure Houston's passer in the past and have paid for it. Without Nelson, a high-quality rangy safety, Matt Schaub could have time to find some things downfield if given time.
    C Brad Meester (biceps) and OL Chris Naeole (knee) are out.
    LB Justin Durant (groin), who missed last week, was limited today and is doubtful. Clint Ingram could work in his place again.
    Tennessee Titans
    QB Vince Young (knee) is out, which is no surprise. Kerry Collins now entrenched as the starter.

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