Injury interpretation: Week 3

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    Posted by's Paul Kuharsky

    Injury interpretation as Week 3 games approach:

    Houston Texans
    DT Travis Johnson (knee) is out which means 16-year man Jeff Zgonina will start and Frank Okam will get some work.
    TE Mark Bruener is out, but Joel Dreessen is viewed by the team as a capable second tight end behind Owen Daniels.

    Indianapolis Colts
    C Jeff Saturday (knee) and TE Dallas Clark were not listed on the injury report all week, so they should be good to go.
    The two question marks are DT Keyunta Dawson (ankle), who was a full participant on Friday, and safety Matt Giordano (back), who was out Thursday and Friday.
    If Dawson is out the Colts would have lost their two starting interior linemen in two weeks - Ed Johnson was cut before the second game because he got in trouble off the field. It's hard to imagine the Colts without Sanders, Johnson and Dawson. In such a scenario, Raheem Brock would surely shift inside from end.
    Giordano is the lone backup safety on the roster with Melvin Bullitt filling in for Bob Sanders (ankle/ knee). Look for the team to promote Jamie Silva from the practice squad, but it's unknown where they'd gain the roster spot.

    Jacksonville Jaguars
    LB Justin Durant (groin) is out which means Clint Ingram will start. That could have a ripple effect on special teams.
    WR Troy Williamson (thigh) is out, but Jerry Porter (hamstring) is questionable and could make his first appearance. If Porter is a no go, look for him to be designated as the team's third quarterback for a second week in a row. If David Garrard and Cleo Lemon both went down, Matt Jones would shift under center and Porter might be able to help a unit without Jones.
    RB Maurice Jones-Drew (ankle) is listed as probable as are RB Fred Taylor (toe) and S Brian Williams (toe). They are all going to play.

    Tennessee Titans
    WR Justin Gage (groin) is a game-time decision. I don't think he plays, which means Brandon Jones starts and Chris Davis and Lavelle Hawkins likely see action.
    LB Colin Allred (ankle), a key special teamer, is also questionable and a game-time decision.

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    I think Collins will have plenty of time in the pocket. Our O-line will pick it up and dominate their defensive line.
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