Injuries leave Titans’ special-teams hurting

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    The Titans suffered through a rough special-teams outing against Buffalo last Sunday, allowing Buffalo to average 46 yards on four kick-off returns. That total included Brad Smith’s 89-yard kick return for a touchdown.

    Part of the problem is that a number of the Titans’ special-teams performers – such as cornerback Tommie Campbell, linebacker Patrick Bailey, linebacker Zac Diles and linebacker Will Witherspoon – have been injured in recent weeks.

    Campbell is tied for the team lead in special teams tackles with six, while Bailey has three.

    Newly signed linebacker Xavier Adibi will likely help to fill the injury hole on special teams this week.

    “It hurt us last week without a doubt with Tommie and Patrick Bailey (hurt),” Titans coach Mike Munchak said. “Then certain guys had to start playing on defense and you’re trying to limit (their special-teams snaps), and it made for a tough situation, especially on the kick-off team.

    “But you have to rally and recover and do better than we did last week. We struggled there, gave up the touchdown return … That’s going to be the challenge (again) going into this week. But in another week or so we should have Tommie back and Bailey back, and hopefully we can weather the storm in that phase of the game.”

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